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What Are Gums, And How Can You Protect It

The health of our gums is as crucial as the health of our teeth. Are you aware of its role and why you must protect it? Discover the answers through this blog!
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As they say, healthy teeth require healthy gums. And that is absolutely right! Gums are tissues beneath the teeth, which looks firm and pinkish when healthy. You cannot keep your teeth in shape without taking care of your gums. You will be prone to gum disease if you will not give it proper treatment. What's more alarming is that some gum diseases do not even show any symptoms. It becomes noticeable only after it gets severe. Surely, nobody wants to experience it. So, to prevent that from happening, learn these ways to keep your gums healthy.



  • Brushing Teeth Brushing your teeth twice a day is the ultimate weapon to keep your mouth healthy. Make sure you never miss your routine to attain your goals effectively. Also, this will be best if you can utilize the brush appropriately.

Water Flosser

  • Flossing daily Together with brushing, it is advisable to floss each day. The Mysmile Cordless Water Flosser will help you improve the health of your gums. It will prevent you from having tartar build-up, cavities, and other gum diseases. Moreover, the flosser is gentle, can remove stains, and keeps your breath fresh.  
  • Healthy Diet Know your limitations in consuming foods and drinks because some are harmful to oral health - those with too much sugar or acids. Make sure to eat nutritious foods that can boost your immune system and helps you prevent any infections. 
  • Regular Dental Check-up You cannot monitor your oral health alone, so a regular dental check-up with a professional is a must. The result of your oral routines will be much better through this. They can provide you with a more thorough cleaning and will spot any signs of gum disease. 


Give value to your gums as much as you have for your teeth. Always remember that consistent and proper dental care is the best way to fight and avoid disease. If you have an experience related to gums, it would be an honor to hear your story. Share it now in the comments below!

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