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Oral Health Tips - MySmile

Oral Health Tips

Are you currently experiencing oral issues like tooth discoloration? Or were you born with a not-so-white pair of teeth, which makes you less confident to talk and smile? Well, have you ever heard ...
Techniques for Cleaning Teeth Outdoors - MySmile
Bright Smile

Techniques for Cleaning Teeth Outdoors

You may be some of those people who love to go out most of the time. You may also wonder how to maintain your teeth in that state. To help you, here are techniques you can do to keep teeth bright a...
Can You Whiten Your Teeth in One Week? - MySmile
Teeth Whitening

Can You Whiten Your Teeth in One Week?

Have you been planning to use teeth whiteners to achieve that gleaming pearly whites but need clarification on whether it will actually help you? Dive into these facts to find out the answer you ar...

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