Warranty Program

Thank you for choosing MySmile® products! Our commitment to quality is reflected in our One-Year Warranty, covering MySmile® products containing a rechargeable electric device.

Warranty Coverage:
MySmile® warrants the LED Teeth Whitening Light device for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the original date of purchase against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials during normal use. This warranty specifically covers working parts essential to the device's function.

The warranty does not extend to cosmetic deterioration resulting from fair wear and tear. It also does not cover the usage of disposable batteries or damage caused by accidents, misuse, or neglect. Opening or disassembling the device or its accessories will void the warranty.

Claim Process:
If you discover a defect, please promptly email MySmile® at support@mysmilesteeth.com during the warranty period. MySmile® reserves the right to replace the device, free of charge, with complimentary shipping. Claims under warranty must be substantiated with reasonable evidence establishing that the claim falls within the specified warranty period.

Warranty Validation:
To validate your warranty, retain your original purchase receipt or order confirmation along with these warranty conditions throughout the warranty period. The authenticity of the device is guaranteed by the barcode on the box.

Activation Process:
Activate your warranty by registering below within 90 days of purchase.

Consumer Rights:
This warranty program is supplementary to your statutory rights as a consumer and does not diminish or affect those rights in any manner.

Thank you for choosing MySmile®. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and the longevity of your MySmile® products."

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