MySmile: A Radiant Dream Born from Bobby's Vision

The Founder

In the vast marketplace of Amazon in 2016, a passionate entrepreneur named Bobby Jacob harbored a dream: to illuminate the world, one smile at a time. Unlike brands that focused solely on surface allure, MySmile understood that true beauty begins from within, and a genuine smile is the perfect embodiment of one's inner realm.

MySmile wasn’t established merely as a product; it signified a culture, a lifestyle that allows everyone to effortlessly possess a radiant and confident smile. Bobby recognized that genuine beauty shouldn't be restricted to expensive dental treatments or tedious home routines; it should be available in every simple moment at home. And thus, MySmile was born.

More than just an oral care brand, MySmile represents an attitude towards life—a choice to shine with confidence every day. In a short span, it evolved from a humble brand on Amazon to the unparalleled leader on TikTok US. This meteoric rise wasn’t just due to its impeccable products but also because of the infectious confidence and optimism it radiated.

Behind MySmile, Bobby's tenacity and passion infused the brand with inexhaustible vigor. Each product embodies his relentless pursuit of a beautiful life and his sincere wishes for everyone to wear a confident smile.

From a modest storefront on Amazon to the pinnacle of TikTok, MySmile has become a household name. Yet, its founding principles remain unchanged, steadfast in its mission to deliver purer and more confident smiles to everyone.

Join us and let your brilliance unfold with MySmile, making the world a brighter place. After all, when you smile, the world shines a little brighter.