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Is It Safe to Whiten Teeth During Pregnancy?

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Whitening the teeth are necessary for some, especially those who want to have or maintain a beautiful and bright smile. However, it is not the same situation for women experiencing pregnancy. Taking care of self with all might is a big responsibility. Everything that women do would impact her health and the child inside her womb. Since it is one of the most important stages of their life, safety and precautions are much observed. Whether you like it or not, those are facts that pregnant women need to keep in mind at all times.  

According to the American Pregnancy Association, cosmetic treatments that are not immediately necessary, such as home teeth whitening, should be postponed after delivery. Self-care is indeed essential but whitening the teeth when expecting a child is a No. Although there are no studies confirming its negative effects during pregnancy, it is better not to indulge with it to have assurance. 

As for you to know, based on Sierra Dental, the active ingredient in teeth whitening products is carbamide peroxide, which reacts with water to become hydrogen peroxide. These are the bleaches being used to whiten and brighten your teeth. And as a mother who is expecting a child, you tend to have oral health concerns, which give you more reason to avoid using it. 

Common oral health issues in pregnancy

While there are presently no studies that suggest teeth whitening during pregnancy is harmful, there is also no published research that shows teeth whitening with bleach or other professional solutions is safe for an unborn child or those who are still nursing.  According to American Dental Association (ADA), the following are some of the said concerns:

  • Gingivitis, or swollen and bleeding gums aggravated by inadequate home care and hormonal changes
  • Tooth erosion caused by morning sickness
  • Cavities due to sugary foods
  • Pyogenic granulomas, which are round growth on the gums due to hormonal changes

It is important to highlight that pregnancy impacts almost every area of a woman's life. Although there is no proof that teeth whitening treatments are dangerous, there is also no evidence that they are safe. By this, you are encouraged to ask for guidance from your dentist. Rather than complicating and risking your health, seek advice from professionals.


Method for Natural Teeth Whiteners 

Since some teeth whitening gels or kits are said to affect soft tissues because of the bleaches and may trigger or may cause problems in your gums. You might be wondering if there are other ways to brighten up your smile that are actually pregnancy-safe. So, in order to protect you and your baby safe, you may be inclined to approve a natural teeth whitener, or you may use some of these home remedies methods instead:

  •  Brush your teeth after meals, as well as at night.
  • Restrain yourself from eating too many sugary foods.
  • Avoid drinking too much coffee and tea.
  • Eat dark fruits and veggies as little as possible.
  • Avoid consuming acidic  foods
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Conduct regular dental checkups
  • Make use of mouthwash

Finally, keep in mind that good oral hygiene should be practised throughout your pregnancy.

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Best Teeth Whitening Solution

Avoiding foods during pregnancy is challenging. If you're still concerned about your teeth, you may try using natural whitening toothpaste. One that best fit for this is the MY SMILE TOOTH POWDER FOR TEETH WHITENING. It is simple to use; simply dip your toothbrush into the powder and clean your teeth for two to four minutes. The components do not include bleach but rather natural materials like peppermint and green tea. Unlike charcoal teeth whitening powders, Mysmile teeth whitening powder softly whitens your teeth without causing pain or irritation. You might like to read some of the reviews from individuals who have used this product.


The bottom line is that. "Prevention is the best medicine." So, just as Sierra Dental believes, the best recommendation for pregnant women is to approach and communicate with the dentist to ensure safety and be fully aware of the dos and don'ts. 

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