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Whitening Teeth during Pregnancy

Here are some tips about teeth whitening during pregnancy. If you're worried about the safety of teeth whitening products, don't be - find out why here!
Whitening Teeth during Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting and crucial parts of a woman's life; they will do their best to prepare for the change. And yes, it is not all about joyful moments. They also experience worries, sicknesses, and concerns about their body. Aside from the pains and mood swings, worries about teeth whitening are also present. But can pregnancy and teeth whitening procedures occur all at once? Take a look at this article to find out!

Is it safe or not?

Teeth Whitening Solutions are proven effective and safe to use - those that professionals use and recommend. However, this does not typically happen to our soon-to-be mothers. During the nine months of bearing, they become sensitive and even experience health issues, so they need extra care in everything they do. Some teeth whitening solutions contain ingredients that are strong enough for pregnant women. It is unsafe, for it may trigger or worsen the concerns they are encountering.

Yet, some products are also sensitive-free. Those are with a low level of hydrogen peroxide ingredients only. Women can go through a few routines this time without worrying about the aftermath. It is important to choose solutions wisely to keep away from trouble.

Are there any risks?

No study indicates that applying teeth whitening products during pregnancy can affect the child. Some do proceed with the application due to this fact. But there is also no confirmation that it is harmless. It is what makes it confusing. There is insufficient knowledge, and this reason alone should make you think more and more before going with it. The uncertainty of its safety is tricky and challenging. It may sometimes trigger your desire to try it. But remember, these unknown effects could only lead to a positive or negative result for the mother and the baby.

What should you do?

One wrong move and you may lose your baby in the process. You do not want to make it happen, for sure. Therefore, it is best to postpone teeth whitening procedures if you are expecting. It is not just mere advice from us. It is a recommendation from the American Pregnancy Association. Since the outcome is unpredictable, you should be more cautious and picky. Regrets are avoidable, so consider things with no assurance of security.

That being said, proceeding with the treatments will cause much thinking. But, with the aid of a professional, you should not be too bothered. If you continue teeth whitening procedures, they can guide you along the way and monitor the effects of your treatments. With this, you can prevent miscalculations in choosing the products to use.

Safe Way to Whiten Teeth While Pregnant

Safe Way to Whiten Teeth While Pregnant

  • Drinking fluoridated water/ Brushing with fluoridated toothpaste

You keep your teeth strong by drinking fluoride water or brushing it using fluoride toothpaste. It will also help you fight and remove cavities without harming you. As long as you will not consume too much of it, there will be no problem. 

  • Brushing

Brushing your teeth is considered one of the important routines for a reason. It not only cleans your teeth but also provides a safe and effective way to keep your overall health in good condition. But remember, do not brush too hard and too soft. And make sure to do it at least twice a day.

  • Flossing

Together with brushing, flossing is a great way to keep your pearly whites shiny. If you are hesitating to use modern ones, you can surely stick with traditional flossing. Through this, no harmful components would go inside your body. 

  • Regular check-ups

Visiting your dentist will help you spot any concerns with your oral health. Therefore, they are people you can best rely on to keep your teeth white and in shape. Make sure to go regularly to ensure your safety.

Alternatives Whitening Products

Alternatives Whitening Products

There are many ways to keep your pearls white while pregnant. To avoid staining your teeth often, you should learn to prevent or at least lessen the consumption of sugar-based foods and drinks. But it does not stop there. Aside from these, you can add alternatives to your healthcare routine that are safe, convenient, and recommended by dentists. Here's what you need to know:

  • Teeth Whitening Powder 

This tooth powder from MySmiles has a pleasant odor - due to peppermint and green tea as an ingredient that removes teeth stains caused by tea, coffee, chocolates, tobacco, and wine. You only have to dip your toothbrush into the powder and brush your teeth for about two to four minutes. It is not just easy to use but also a no sensitive way to whiten your teeth. 

  • Whitening Strips 

Whitening Strip from MySmiles can remove stains after 30 minutes of application each day. It is gentler - best for people with tooth sensitivity. The package contains 28 pieces of strips that are convenient, safe, and FDA-registered. It will last to 14 applications, and in the end, it will give you ten (10) shades of whiter teeth. 

Keeping it Safe and White

Whitening the teeth bring an unknown result for women who are expecting. Regardless, a discussion between them and the professional would likely give a positive outcome. Also, always remember that brushing and flossing is the best and safest way to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. And if you have any questions or an experience to share, feel free to drop them in the comments below. It would be an honor to hear from you!

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