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Holy cow this works, fast!

I'm so excited to see this WORKS! I've personally already got my teeth 3 to 4 shades lighter within a weeks time!!!! Thank you MySmile!

28x Accelerated Whitening LED Light (Replacement for 1 Pc LED Light Only)

This is amazing!

I love this! It’s so great for my teeth! I’m sure my Dentist is going to be happy with my cleaning skills thanks to this!

Literally never came. Complete waste of money. Company never contacted me back.

So Good!

This flosser is so good! My teeth feel so much better than before and are getting whiter just from the flossing. I have sensitive teeth and the normal setting feels very comfortable. I wish the water tank was a little bigger, but it’s a small issue.

My flossing routine

the flosser is something i never experience while cleaning my teeth. What make it so beneficial is it shortens my time being in the bathroom for a long period of time. Im just curious of what my smile will come up with next.

I never received my shipment and never got a refund

Original Teeth Whitening Kit

Cordless Advanced OLED Water Flosser

Omg I’m in love

My teeth are whiter after a week of using the tooth paste

Original Teeth Whitening Kit
Nathalie or Yeison
So good

I will buy it again it worked perfectly

Knock off, rip off. It didn’t work & the bottle was empty in a week. DO NOT BUY THIS!

I am very happy with this product it is amazing

Maybe Better off buying the 36%?

I got the 18% and unless you’re teeth is a 1-2 on the shade chart your teeth aren’t getting white even with the 9 days of treatment included. My teeth (from being a very huge coffee drinker) was a 4-5 before using and after 9 days of using it as directed my teeth are only a 3 on the shade chart. Yes it’s an improvement but come on with the “up to 10 shades” nonsense it was like 1.5 shades maybe 2 at best. Very disappointing. I’ve used strips years ago that had better results for half the price and without an led light.. I had such high hopes


the teeth whitening kit works wonders! I love the product and was excited to showcase it on my media!

Didn’t receive correct order. I ordered the 22% but was sent the 18%, they offered me toothpaste or powder for the mistake and I said toothpaste was fine but never received that either.

Best Thing Recommended for Oral Care

I absolutely love it! The features, the oral care it gives my whole mouth! Love it. Great for the whole family.

Great 👍

It's amazing stuff thank you so much


I’ve been doing water flossing for 3 years and this is the best one I’ve ever used. Absolutely love it. Thank you!

Produit de qualité supérieure

Je suis vraiment ravie! La finition de produit est impeccable ! Et j'aime les options de nettoyage !

Pro Teeth Whitening Kit
Shannon (jaemamajams)

I've tried everything! I smoke cigarettes and drink coffee and almost gave up trying to whiten my teeth. I decided to try the mysmile teeth whitening kit and it works!! It really works!! I can't believe it! This is a total game changer for me!!

They are made of all good quality material. Quick shipping, Will definitely order from them again.

Ultra Professional Countertop Water Flosser & Teeth Water Cleaner

Best of the best.

Buy it! Yes this is a real review! It gets the JOB done, my only problem is that I’m so lazy to keep it charge cause I use it sooo much! It does have a long lasting battery capacity though!