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Why Sudden Tooth Pain Occurs

Toothaches are a typical dental issue that most people encounter. But, despite its popularity, it is not something to be normalized. Check the reasons behind sudden tooth pain and learn why it needs treatment.

Each individual may experience tooth sensitivity, whether kids, teens or adults. However, those who take good care of their teeth are unlikely to undergo it because they highly pay attention once they spot early signs of an issue. And that is the problem with those who don't. Tooth pain will linger on them longer. So, to give basic awareness, here are the principal reasons for sudden tooth pain. 

Why Sudden Tooth Pain Occurs

6 Causes of Tooth Pain

  • Gum Diseases

Gum diseases, if left untreated, can spread to other areas of the mouth. It can cause inflammation or the so-called gum recession caused by bacteria. 

  • Dental Implications

Tooth decay, tooth injury, and tooth loss are culprits of tooth pain. These are the most common reasons why anyone experiences tooth pain.

  • Too much exposure to heat or cold

Heat and cold alone cannot damage teeth, but intaking one of these and then taking the other after will cause tooth erosion. It can slowly turn down your enamel and may also cause tooth cracking. 

  • Wisdom Tooth Starts Forming

Wisdom tooth grows during adulthood, and once it starts developing, some individuals feel some pain from time to time. 

  • You have Sinus Infection.

The sinus Cavity is near the roots of the upper teeth. Therefore, if you have a sinus infection, it may affect the nearby teeth and cause pain. 

  • You've chosen the wrong Teeth Cleaner.

The product may be unsuitable if you clean your teeth and experience tooth pain. It could be mishandling of the material or inappropriate application. You may use Mysmile Portable Water Flosser as it is gentle on teeth and contains five different pressure modes. Also, it massages the gums while thoroughly cleaning between the teeth. It is effortless and convenient to use.

Water Flosser

Take good care of your teeth to avoid any sensitivity. Moreover, always give time to visit a professional dentist to see if your oral health is good. If you have experienced tooth pain, let us know what it was like and how you overcame it. Feel free to leave a comment below! 

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