Portable Water Flosser - MySmile
Portable Water Flosser - MySmile
Portable Water Flosser - MySmile
Portable Water Flosser - MySmile
Portable Water Flosser - MySmile
Portable Water Flosser - MySmile

Portable Water Flosser

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MySmile hand-held water picks cordless water flossers for teeth are made of ABS, POM, and PC, water resistant and durable. Cordless water pick for kids' braces uses a pulsating stream of water. The water toothpick is designed with comfort in mind, you are optional to set a proper water pressure from 5 modes for different family members. The compact and portable design makes the water power flosser for braces easy to use at home or on the go. The reservoir of tooth flosser water pics oral irrigators holds up to 350 ml of water at a time and is easy to detach, refill, and clean. MySmile battery-operated oral irrigator dental water jet will be a professional home dentist to solve a variety of oral problems.


  1. The teeth brace cleaner runs in powerful impetus to deliver water jet flosser stream
  2. Compact and streamlined design of the pocket irrigator water pressure teeth cleaner manifests an exquisite looking and lightweight
  3. Less than 68dB low noise enables you to use the teeth flosser picks with comfort
  4. The long lasting rechargeable battery of tooth water pick teeth cleaner cordless allows for continuous use when fully charged in 4 hours
  5. The electric shower flosser machine will automatically stop running after 2 minutes of work
  1. Water picks for teeth cleaning and flossing massage the gum tissue and stimulates blood flow to the gums
  2. The water picks dental irrigator for teeth gets into hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, tightly spaced teeth, inter-dental spaces, and periodontal pockets
  3. Travel water pick teeth cleaner helps to promote fresh breath
  4. Compared to traditional string floss, the jet dental shower floss machine cleans up to 3x as effective remove stain around braces
  5. Dental orthodontic flossers for braces and teeth can be used for kids and jet dental floss
  6. The shower dental water pick flosser has a gravity ball at end of the tube for complete water sucking
Shipping & Returns Warranty Secure Payment
Shipping & Returns Warranty Secure Payment

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Ultra-powerful dental flosser

Equipped with a strong pump, the braces flossers feature 2200-3000 per minute pulse frequency and 50-150 PSI water pressure to bring high-power stream delivery, which removes food residues and stains between teeth and below the gum line thoroughly, keeps your breath fresh and improves your gum health.

Mis-touch precention & intelligent display

3 steps to start water flossing, helps prevent sudden water spraying if your fingers accidentally press the power button; Unique OLED indicating screen will display mode, water temperature, water quality PPM, working time and battery power, provide you convenient teeth cleaning experience

Safe guarantees & all-direction cleaning

IPX 7 waterproof class with ETL listed body provide dual-protection on both interior and exterior of flosser machine, ensures safe use in shower or bathroom; 360°rotating nozzle easily cleans hidden areas that traditional toothbrush and jet dental floss are difficult to reach and prevents debris and dental plaque.

Easy to use at-home teeth whitening products with safe technology

Brighter smile guaranteed & Zero Sensitivity

Whiten your teeth as fast as 15 minutes

Get up to 10 shades whiter & More


Yes, absolutely. IPX 7 waterproof class provides comprehensive protection on the machine, but please always make sure the charging port cover is tightly attached before use.

1. The water tank can be cleaned with hair brush or sponge brush , and recommend the clean job should be twice a month.
2. You are able to disinfect the tank and hose with boiled water, or use UV sterilizer is also recommended.

The package includes a type-C USB charging cord, which can be connected to power bank or computer to charge the machine. Please message us to get a free replacement or buy any other-brand type C charging cable if the original is lost.

No, you might not use it in a proper way. You need to always place the tip in your mouth and close your lips before the device runs.

Yes, you can add some salt or mouthwash to the water as your need for fresher breath. Also, when used with our teeth whitening products, your teeth will be whitened faster and more effective.

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