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Why Cavities are Harmful to Children

Teach your children to care for their teeth to make them stronger and brighter. But first, learn these reasons why cavities are harmful to them.

Children usually love to eat candies, chocolates, and goodies most of the day. Because of that, they are prone to having dental issues at a young age, considering that their teeth are not yet fully developed. Also, lack of awareness could be the principal reason why it always happens. Even today, tooth decay is still common in children. To understand further, dive into the facts and learn from them.

6 Reasons why Cavities are Harmful

  1. Cavities are bad for children because they can lead to tooth decay and other health problems.
  2. Tooth decay is the number one chronic childhood disease in the United States.
  3. Children who have cavities often have to get dental surgery or braces.
  4. As cavities linger on teeth longer, the tooth may become sensitive and painful to them. 
  5. Cavities bring discomfort to children.
  6. Cavities in children can ruin their tooth enamel at an early stage, making it easier to break down in the future.

How to Combat Cavities

  • One can prevent cavities by brushing the teeth regularly.
  • Teach your child early the importance of flossing. You may practice them using the Mysmile Water Flosser to remove any food debris in between their teeth. It is gentle and safe as it has five different pressure modes, perfect for adjusting and matching your child's needs.
  • Let your child eat healthy foods.
  • Avoiding sugary foods and drinks is also beneficial. It means there are lesser acids that can turn into plaques or cavities. Ensure that you keep your children within their limits. 
  • Keep your child from consuming snacks frequently, especially if those are sweets. 

Water flosser

Parents must take their children to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. It would guarantee the health of their child's teeth. So, there is nothing to worry about as long as parents do their best for their children. Drop a comment below if you have some valuable experiences to share regarding cavities. 

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