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Things to do after a Root Canal Treatment

Is one of your root canals infected? Or have you just finished a root canal treatment? Then this blog is perfect for you! Learn some tips on caring for your teeth after undergoing such treatment.
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Our root canal, though located lower on the surface of teeth, can still be impacted, especially when tooth decay is worse. Due to that, one must undergo a root canal treatment to ensure other teeth won't be affected. Many people are still unaware of the said treatment since it is not as typical as a teeth whitening treatment. Nonetheless, this one is an essential matter to look into. And with that, here are some tips on taking care of your teeth after experiencing the root canal treatment. 

Post-Root Canal Treatment Care

  1. Follow the advice or the instructions that your dentist gave.
  2. Avoid eating hard foods.
  3. If you still feel pain, take some paracetamols.
  4. If you smoke, you should stop it. 
  5. Revisit your dentist if you feel unwell or still swelling after the treatment.
  6. Brush, floss, and have dental cleanings to maintain your teeth. 

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What Dental Tools Should I Use?

Despite the pain and numbness after the treatment, you are encouraged to continue brushing and flossing daily to keep your mouth clean, especially in the infected area that has just been treated. Use the Mysmile Oral Care Bundle if you are afraid to use other brands, thinking its pressure might be too much for you. This Electric toothbrush and water flosser is gentle yet can serve its purpose - cleaning your teeth. You have nothing to worry, as it is proven effective and safe. 

Are you satisfied with the knowledge we impart to you? Or are you seeking assistance to aid you in doing a root canal treatment? Do not worry! We are ready to serve you anytime and anywhere. Feel free to reach us by leaving a comment below.

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