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Most Needed Nutrients for Teeth

Know that your teeth must be spoiled with nutrients, too; those keep them strong and healthy. Learn the most needed nutrients for your teeth while there is still time!

It is not only our bodies that need nutrients. Our teeth must also receive sufficient vitamins to keep them strong and healthy. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how crucial it is; most consume whatever foods they crave, despite their harmful effects. Lack of nutrients can be very damaging to teeth as they cannot naturally fight toxic bacteria. Therefore, we must be aware of the most needed nutrients for our teeth. And to help you gain that knowledge, here are some examples to ponder. 

Nutrition for teeth

5 Nutrients That Our Teeth Needs The Most.

  • CALCIUM  As we all know, calcium helps to strengthen the teeth, making them healthier and tougher. You can get this mineral by eating cheese, yogurt, sardines, salmon, etc. 
  • PHOSPHORUS This mineral is responsible for maintaining your teeth and bones. Aside from that,  it functions well with calcium and Vitamin D. One can get this mineral by consuming seafood, cheese, dairy products, meats, and even nuts. 
  • VITAMIN D  This is the mineral that absorbs the calcium in your body, further using it to mineralize your teeth and bones. One can get this by eating oranges, fish, spinach, soybeans, etc. 
  • VITAMIN C  This vitamin does not only benefit your teeth. It also strengthens and protects your gums from inflammation and other gum diseases. Eat some citrus fruits and potatoes, and take vitamin c supplements to get this mineral. 
  • VITAMIN A  This vitamin prevents dry mouth. Its primary role is maintaining saliva production, washing away harmful bacteria, and cleaning teeth. One can find this in leafy greens, fish, and egg yolks.


Other than that, dental hygiene is still a must. You must take all the nutrients and pay attention to your oral health routine at the same time. With that, you may use the Mysmile Potable Water Flosser to remove food debris and any other harmful bacteria in your mouth. It will effectively clean your mouth and give you fresher breath. 

There are still other nutrients that we must take to ensure our teeth are healthy and strong. If you want to know more about these facts, let us know directly by dropping your details in the comment portion below. 

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