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Oral tips! Food that keeps your breath smelling good

One cannot always use teeth whitening to solve oral issues because foods can do the work, too. Here are the best foods to keep your mouth fresh throughout the day.

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If there are foods that stain and cause bad breath, there are also foods that clean the teeth and make fresher breath. And yes, that means you must watch all the foods you consume because some are not good for oral health. If you do not know, foods are highly impactful on how good your breath is. That is why professionals always advise us to have a healthy diet and become careful with whatever we put in our mouths. To give you more information, here is the list of foods to keep your breath fresh.

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6 Foods that Keeps your Breath Fresh

  • Nuts

Almonds and other nuts rich in fiber can remove harmful bacteria in the mouth. Thus, eliminating bad breath. 

  • Yogurt

As we all know, foods rich in calcium are good for the teeth, which means yogurt is one of them, especially if it is a probiotic. It strengthens teeth and keeps the breath fresh.

  • Parsley

Parsley contains chlorophyll, responsible for fighting harmful bacteria in the mouth. It also has a pleasant flavor and smell. 

  • Raw fruits

Fruits like apples, pears, and carrots are beneficial in producing saliva and maintaining clean teeth. Its crunchiness and fiber ensure your breath smells good. 

  • Dark Leafy Greens

Vegetables high in Vitamin C can effectively fight bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath. It prevents bacteria from spreading and growing.

  • Sugarless Gums

Chewing some sugarless gums can freshen your breath while also producing saliva. The more saliva production, the better it can remove and wash away food particles. 

Recommendation to Maintain Teeth

Ensure you brush your teeth twice and floss them once daily to remove any food debris between the teeth. You may use the Mysmile Oral Care Bundle. The electric toothbrush and the portable water flosser are perfect for your oral care routine. Those are gentle and proven effective in cleaning and removing stains on teeth. Moreover, this bundle can save you time and expenses; you do not have to purchase repeatedly. 

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Bottom Line

Always be mindful of what you consume; be knowledgeable about the foods that are good for your oral health to achieve a bright and white smile. Have you eaten other foods that make your breath fresh besides the examples we gave? Please share it with us in the comment so we can know more tips and broaden our awareness. 

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