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Appropriate Age to Use Teeth Whitening Pen

What age is too young and too old to use a tooth whitening pen? Find it out by checking this blog now!

One of you may think that anyone can use teeth whitening treatments, but it is not. The amount of peroxide in the products is not for everyone, especially those experiencing dental issues. Also, there is an appropriate age to start using those whiteners because, aside from the risks it contains, some teeth are not just yet supposed to be exposed to them, or teeth can no longer withstand the abrasiveness. Yes, you read it right. Knowing all teeth whitening knowledge is crucial to prevent those risks from occurring. So, what exactly is the appropriate age to use a teeth-whitening pen?

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Advisable Age to start using Teeth Whitening

There is insufficient research and study to verify or prove that teeth whitening solutions are harmful to children. Some say it is fine as long as the amount of peroxide is not too high for kids younger than fourteen. Some also say that a dentist's supervision is necessary if parents allow their child to utilize it. Well, all of those statements are correct. Kids that are still young should not expose their teeth to peroxide because their teeth are still growing and undergoing lots of changes. But those who has permanent teeth already may purchase and use teeth whiteners. However, teeth whitening may not work for you if you are a teen or an adult who underwent dental work, such as braces, crowns, bridges, and veneers. Results will become uneven because whiteners do not usually react to artificial teeth. 


  • A Mysmile Teeth Whitening Pen is a gentle yet effective way to remove stains on teeth. With its soft brush and gel to brighten your teeth, it is convenient and comfortable. This pen can be utilized by anyone with enough knowledge and care regarding its instructions. 
  • If you are under fourteen, you might as well resort to using a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixture to brush your teeth.
  • Keep brushing and flossing your teeth daily to avoid any cavities.
  • Eat crunchy vegetables to remove any plaques in between the teeth. 
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We hope this blog broadens your knowledge about the use of teeth-whitening solutions. If you want more information or assistance, you may reach us by leaving a comment below.

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