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Mouth Microbes: What You Need to Know

While some bacteria are not harmful, some causes diseases which need proper oral hygiene. Let us dive into the facts and learn the differences between good and bad microbes living in our mouths. 

Once we hear the word bacteria, most refer to it as something harmful to the body. Well, it is not incorrect since some of them are truly destructive. As a matter of fact, our mouth contains numerous bacteria, both good and bad. According to the National Library of Medicine, at least 700 bacterial species have been detected in the oral cavity. Luckily, most of them are beneficial to health, but those that are not should be eradicated. Here are more facts to understand it further.

Do all individuals contain the same bacteria in the mouth?

No, because the number of bacteria differs from one another. Some factors cause it, such as:

  • environmental factors
  • Immune System
  • Saliva PH
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen Concentration
  • Oral Hygiene

What are examples of problems that Bad Bacteria can cause?

  • Gum diseases such as periodontitis
  • Tooth Decay
  • Cavities
  • Bad Breath
  • Anaerobic Infection of the Lungs

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Can we prevent Bad Bacteria from spreading?

Yes, proper oral hygiene and a healthy diet can eliminate harmful bacteria from ruining the teeth. Also, use Mysmile Deluxe Dental Flosser to clean the hard-to-reach areas on your teeth thoroughly. It is the ultimate oral care companion that is gentle, and perfect for people with braces, implants, bridges, or crowns. 

Now that you have gathered facts about microbes in the mouth, you must already realize how crucial proper dental hygiene is. And always see your dentist to check if your oral health is in good shape. Let us know if you have some questions by writing a comment below. We will be right back to answer your queries!

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