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What Color Represents Healthy Teeth

There are lots of misconceptions about the color representing healthy teeth. And yellow is often considered the unideal one. Know the facts by going through this blog.
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As we age, it is natural that our teeth will appear yellowish since our tooth enamel wears down, and the next layer, the dentin, slowly becomes visible. However, a poor lifestyle would highly impact one's teeth, which is why some experience dental issues earlier than others. So, here, discover the different colors of teeth and what it means for your oral health.



  • Perfectly White

Most of the perfectly bright teeth are artificial. If not, it undergoes bleaching treatments many times. People you can see with this color are often artists/commercial artists. 

  • White to Yellow

You do not have to worry because this is the most natural and healthy color of teeth. The outermost layer of teeth is translucent; it just slightly reveals the dentin's natural color. 

  • Yellowish

Too yellowish teeth are not good. It indicates tooth discoloration caused by foods, tobacco, drinks, or dental plaques. It could also reflect poor oral hygiene. 

  • Brown/Dark Brown

Darker teeth color may signify dentin decay. Early signs of detection could still help you prevent it from worsening, leading to pulp damage. 

  • Grey/Black Spots

Consult a dentist if you have these colors in your teeth. It could be the start of tooth decay, which is painful. You cannot whiten this tooth anymore, and removing it from a dentist is advisable to avoid spreading. 


Whitening Kit Bundle

Now that you know the particular colors of teeth and their meaning, you must be mindful of your actions to avoid experiencing the worse. And to achieve good oral health, always brush and floss daily. Pairing it with the Mysmile Oral Care Bundle can also be a big help, as you can simultaneously utilize a water flosser and an electronic toothbrush. It is perfect for cleaning your teeth thoroughly. 


Bottom Line

We hope this blog suffices your need to understand the variations of teeth color. Queries and stories to share are very open here. Let us know about it by dropping it in the comment section. It would be an honor to hear from you!


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