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How Much Sugar is Too Much for Kids?

Sugar is one of the most harmful components to our teeth, especially to children. Dive into these facts to be aware of how much your child can consume in a day. 

Children's teeth are still developing, which means it is not yet as strong as adults. With that, they must avoid or at least limit certain foods, especially those high in sugar. Even adults are only advised to consume sweets sometimes because it is still destructive to their teeth. So how much more for children, considering their teeth are still about to reach their full potential? Surely, it is not good; learn these facts about sugar consumption to aid your kids in their oral health. 

Amount of Sugar that Kids must only Consume Daily

  • Kids four to six years old must consume 19 grams or less of sugar daily. 
  • Kids seven to ten years old must consume at most 24 grams of sugar daily.


What Happens if Kids Exceed the Limit?

If kids consume sugar above their limits, their teeth will be damaged. Although not on the spot, it will gradually wear down over time. Too much sugar can become acids and plaques on the teeth, resulting in tooth decay or gum issues. Luckily, dentists can treat an infected tooth, but it is not an indication to let your child do what they like. There is a purpose why studies tell us the appropriate amount of sugar to consume - to keep us from experiencing dental issues. The kid's teeth are still vulnerable, so it is essential not to take too much sugar as much as possible. 

Kid Smile

Is there A Way to Prevent Cavities?

Kids still need assistance from you, especially with their dental hygiene routine. Ensure you always remind them to brush their teeth using the Mysmile Teeth Whitening Powder. It will not only wash away food debris but will also gently whiten their teeth. It is suitable and usable for kids as it is convenient and effortless. Also, the powder will guarantee fresher breath for your kid. 
Mysmile Teeth Whitening Powder

Constantly monitor your children's sugar intake to avoid early dental issues. If you want assistance and guidance, keep in touch by leaving a comment in the box below. We will be honored and glad to help you become better in taking good care of your child’s oral health. 

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