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How Excessive Teeth Whitening Can Damage Teeth

As teeth whitening becomes more popular these years, it is crucial to know its consequences once used excessively. Let us dive into the facts and learn how it can damage our teeth.

Teeth whitening lets millions of people recover and maintain the whiteness of their teeth. Due to high demand, various whitening products came into existence. However, this method is not just all about applying whiteners to teeth. It requires a more profound process to achieve your objective, such as knowing when and how to use it. And that is to avoid excessive usage. To further understand, here are the possible outcomes when using teeth whiteners too much. 

Major Effects of Excessive Teeth Whitening

Major Effects of Excessive Teeth Whitening

  • It causes inflammation

Gums are soft tissues in your mouth. Therefore, once you overuse a whitener, it can cause irritation or inflammation. It may appear red and swollen instead of pink. 

  • It increases sensitivity

You may feel sudden pain when you eat and drink. Excessive use can result in discomfort. It weakens your teeth's ability to function well.

  • It can erode tooth enamel

Your teeth should not be too exposed to teeth whiteners as they can wear down your enamel. And if you won't stop, it can lead to tooth decay.

  • It can discolor teeth

Too much whitening can make your teeth appear discolored because it exceeds the limit of what your teeth can hold. The chemicals in the whitener can ruin the whiteness of your pearly whites.

Teeth Whitening Kit


Other than that, you must ensure that you choose the right product for yourself, like the Mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit. It has a non-sensitive formula compared to other brands, and it also comes with an LED light which helps the whitening process be more effective. Also, consult a professional before and during your treatment to ensure safety.

Healthy Teeth, Happy Life

Teeth whiteners should aid you in achieving shiny pearly whites and not harm you. Always follow instructions to have a smooth application. If you have any concerns with using a teeth whitener, do not hesitate to inform us. Leave a comment below, and we will immediately assist you. 

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