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Food Restrictions for Braces

Braces are dental tools that aid you in making your pearly whites appear good. And to utilize it effectively, discover the list of foods you should avoid when you have it on your teeth. 

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Braces are among the most effective ways to make your teeth better and more aligned. It started to become famous during the 1900s, which means it has been a long time since it came into existence. Millions of individuals have already tried this tool, and most of the results are fascinating. Indeed, braces can straighten teeth and fix other teeth concerns. However, it can only serve its purpose well if you know how to take good care of it. So, learn these five foods you should avoid keeping your braces in good condition. 

Food Restrictions for Braces

5 Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

  • Hard Foods

Hard foods can damage your braces. It can wear or loosen its bands, resulting in malfunction; It will not be able to hold your teeth properly anymore. 

  •  Any sugary foods and drinks

Eating sugar-based foods and drinks can result in tooth discoloration. Worse is, it can also stain the metals of your braces, making them appear unpleasant and not hygienic. 

  • Sticky Candies

Do not eat sticky candies when you are still wearing your braces. Those sweets have a higher possibility of staying in between the teeth. Some could be hard to remove and may further lead to tooth decay. 

  • Corn on the Cob

Anything that requires biting could be damaging to the braces. Pieces of food may get stuck in the brackets and lessen its effectiveness.

  • Chewy Foods

Chewy foods require too much effort upon consumption, which is unsuitable for your braces. Constant force can damage or break parts of your dental tool. 

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No matter what situation or phase in your life you are in, ensure you brush and floss daily. These two dental routines will help you not just today but in your future, too - having strong and healthy teeth, free from cavities and oral issues. And to do that, use the modern Mysmile Electric Toothbrush or Dental Water Flosser. It will permanently keep your pearly whites bright and healthy despite using braces. 

To learn more tips, reach us by leaving a comment below. We will provide you with more knowledge and learnings to guide you accordingly. We hope this blog helps you out! 

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