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Crack Tooth: Causes And Prevention

Among all the teeth issues that people typically experience, cracking of teeth is considered the most common. Please read this blog article to learn the reasons, causes, and prevention.

A cracked tooth may sometimes show no signs of being present. It could be difficult, especially when identifying the roots of pain you may experience. And without giving it notice, little cracks will turn worse sooner. Moreover, not knowing the factor that triggers it is even more alarming because it can affect the condition of the overall tooth, not just the outer part structure. So, here are six causes of a cracked tooth for you to know!


  • Eating hard foods - Consuming hard edibles is the greatest culprit why teeth may crack. Avoid or at least lessen the amount and times you eat such foods to keep teeth in shape. 
  • Chewing Ice - Like eating hard foods, chewing ice is a big NO! The intense craving to chew ice is known as Pagophagia. And if you often do that, you should consult a dentist as it may damage your teeth and gums.
  • Grinding Teeth - Grinding your teeth unintentionally, especially when you sleep, still brings the same harm to your teeth. It can wear down tooth enamel, chips your teeth, and may even lead to sensitivity. 
  • Changes in Temperature - Eating hot food may shock your teeth, and it will even bring more shock if you suddenly drink cold water to minimize the hotness you just felt inside your mouth. With that, your teeth will possibly crack due to the sudden temperature change. 
  • Accidents/Trauma - Some accidents can cause trauma to your teeth, resulting in temporary damage like fractures, chips, or deformation. It also goes the same with the intake of some medications/dental works. 
  • Age - Aging is a natural cause of cracked teeth. As we get older, our tooth enamel slowly erodes, too, which, in the long run, leaves us with broken teeth. 
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  • Avoid habits that put pressure on your teeth. As much as possible, keep away from the things that may cause your tooth to crack. 
  • Perform dental routine. Aside from brushing and flossing, you may use MySmile Teeth Whitening Light. Paired with a teeth-whitening gel accelerates teeth whitening and even cleans your teeth by removing intrinsic stains. It is lightweight and convenient, which is perfect for maintaining the health of your teeth. 
  • Visit a Professional Dentist. Do regular consultations so that you have an assurance that nothing is wrong with your teeth. 


Anyone can experience the cracking of a tooth, but it is not a reason to let your guard down. Please do not allow it to happen too soon because you might also lose most of your teeth at a young age. If you have some queries or a story to tell, notify us by dropping a comment below.

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