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3 Causes Why Food Gets Stuck in Teeth

Food particles getting stuck between the teeth is one typical situation that may also happen to anyone. Here are some of its causes and ways to prevent it from transpiring.
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Whenever food gets stuck in our teeth, we feel annoyed and uncomfortable, especially when not in our homes. And although it is considered common, one must not let it slide, allowing it to happen anytime because there is a reason behind it. It could be early symptoms of a dental issue or a severe one. So, to have an idea why it occurs and may happen to anyone, check the principal reasons we provide.

Why do Foods get Stuck in Teeth?

Why do Foods get Stuck in Teeth?

  • Inappropriate Oral Hygiene Brushing and Flossing is the best way to fight cavities and remove food debris in the mouth. However, if you do it improperly, it will become useless as it will not serve its purpose. Also, it can create spaces between your teeth, which goes the same way when using toothpicks frequently.
  • Tooth Decay or Gum disease Once your teeth cannot function at their best, foods will probably get stuck there most of the time. Also, bacteria will start turning into acids and make your teeth worse if you cannot eat properly anymore.
  • Tooth Gaps Our teeth have spaces between them. It could be tiny or big spaces, depending on the teeth's form. And once it is left untreated, it could become a problem. Food particles will always get stuck and could lead to the build-up of cavities. 

Can I still Prevent It?

Can I still Prevent It?

Yes, you can still prevent it from occurring. Here are some easy ways you can follow!

  • Proper Dental Hygiene, such as brushing using aWater Flosser soft bristles brush and flossing using the Mysmile Cordless Water Flosser - which suits individuals with braces. It is best for teeth cleaning and massaging gums gently. 
  • Healthy diet, such as limiting and watching every food and drink you consume.
  • Appropriate use of Dental Tools to make it effective.
  • Seeing a professional dentist ensures good oral health.

We hope this blog helps you understand why we are prone to food getting stuck in our teeth. If you need answers to your queries or assistance, drop a comment below, and we will serve you right back.

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