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Types of Candies That are Unhealthy for Your Teeth

Candies are something that not only children enjoy eating. Lots have been embracing acids into their mouth, which in turn causes cavities and, if worse, tooth decay. Do you think all candies are harmful to your teeth? Check this article to find the answer!
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There are a hundred types of candies you can buy in the market. And since most of these candies contain sugar, it harms your teeth. However, it seems impossible never to eat candy because it can stimulate our mood. But still, the thing is, certain types of sweets are too unhealthy for us, and here are some examples.

  • Hard Candies

From the name itself, hard, this type of candy has the highest potential to damage your teeth. It can chip, crack, and slowly erode your tooth enamel. And since it is not like something you can chew, the candy stays in your mouth longer, which means the sugar has more time to form into acids. If these acids sit in your mouth for many hours, then the building-up of cavities is possible. 

  • Sticky/Chewy Candies

You may say that this is better than hard ones. But you are wrong! Sticky candies are as bad as lollipops or candy canes. Constant eating of this candy will lead to tooth decay; your teeth will be exposed to sugar for extended periods. The stickier it is, the harder it is to remove. Moreover, this is not advisable for people with braces because they may get stuck to the wires. 

Water Floss

  • Sour Candies

This one is more acidic than the others. It can be very destructive to your teeth as it can quickly weaken the tooth enamel. Among all the candies, this one has the highest potential to cause tooth decay. The level of acid it contains is enough to cause tooth sensitivity and increase cavities. 

If you cannot exterminate candies, make sure to brush and floss twice daily. Also, dental care paired with Mysmile Cordless Water Flosser is the best option. It is a sensitive-free teeth cleaner with five cleaning modes, perfect for tooth decay prevention. 


It is okay to have candies once in a while. And to prevent any issues, always drink plenty of water and have good oral hygiene. Do you agree with us? Please share your thoughts in the comment section for us to hear you out. 

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