The Many Benefits of Water Flossing for Kids

The Many Benefits of Water Flossing for Kids

Water flossing is a great way to keep your child's teeth clean and healthy. Find out why water flossing is so important and how it can benefit your child's oral health.
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The Many Benefits of Water Flossing for Kids

Most parents are diligent about teaching their kids to brush their teeth twice daily, but what about flossing? Water flossing is a great option for kids—it’s effective, easy to use, and gentle on gums. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of water flossing for kids.

Water Flossers Are Easy to Use

Water flossing is easy for kids to take care of their teeth. They don't need to wrap dental floss around their fingers or struggle to reach their back teeth with regular floss. All they need to do is point the water pick at their teeth and gums and let the stream of water do its job! Plus, many waters picks come with different tips that can help kid target specific areas of their mouth for a more thorough clean.

Water Floss

Water Flossers Are Gentle on Gums

Another great benefit of water flossing for kids is that it is gentle on gums. Unlike traditional string floss, which can sometimes be harsh on gums, water flossing is gentle and won’t cause any irritation. It makes it a great option for kids who have sensitive gums or who may be prone to gum inflammation.

Water Flossers Are Fun to Use

Let’s face it, and flossing isn’t always the most exciting task in the world. But water flossers can actually be fun to use! Many kids enjoy the feeling of the stream of water hitting their teeth and gums. And because water flossers are so quick and easy to use, your child won’t have to spend much time doing it. This makes water flossing a fun daily activity that your child can do without complaint.



Water flossers offer many kids-friendly benefits. If you’re looking for an easy, gentle, and fun way to get your child into the habit of flossing, look no further than water flossing! Water flossers offer many benefits that make them perfect for kids, including being easy to use, gentle on gums, and fun! Comment below and let us know how you got your child started on water flossing – we’d love to hear from you.

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