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The Long-Term Effects of Neglecting Oral Care

Many people neglect their dental care routine, thinking it cannot harm their oral hygiene. As a result, thousands of individuals suffer from infections and regret their past decisions. So, what exactly are the long-term effects of neglecting oral health? Check this blog out to learn more!

When we fail to give proper attention to our oral hygiene, it can lead to various dental problems and complications. Despite the availability of dental tools, they will be useless if people do not give attention or care to their oral health. And that is why the percentage of people suffering from oral conditions is high. Sadly, whether we like it or not, neglecting oral health has long-term effects. Are you curious to know what those effects are? See more to discover.


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Top 3 Long-Term Effects of Neglecting Oral Health

  • Tooth Decay 

Poor dental care can lead to tooth decay. The outer layer of the teeth, called enamel, is weakened due to bacteria, plaques, and, worse, cavities. Neglecting oral health damages the teeth to a greater extent. You may need to resort to dental implants to fill the gap in the tooth you lost. 

  • Oral Infections 

Lack of proper oral care can result in oral infections, including tooth and gum diseases, that may worsen and lead to a more severe problem. One may experience discomfort, swelling and sensitivity once a condition occurs, like periodontitis. 

  • Overall Health Impact 

Neglecting oral health affects your mouth and can eventually harm your overall health. According to studies, poor oral hygiene may result in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, and pregnancy complications. 

Now that you have learned how harmful it is to neglect oral health, may you never skip your dental hygiene routine and maintain a healthy diet, try MySmile Dental Floss for safe teeth flossing. Reach out if you want more information or answers to your queries. Drop your comment below!

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