How to Care for Your Teeth After a Whitening Treatment

woman smiling after teeth whitening treatment

You can't underestimate the power of a beautiful smile! When you start whitening your teeth, it's sure to be an exciting journey. You might even notice that people will feel more confident when they see how well kept they are in terms of their appearance and dental health thanks not just to what's on display but also internally - our smiles speak volumes about who we really ARE inside...but don't worry if something isn't quite perfect after treatment because there IS help available for those wanting better results without having gone through hours worth of procedures only ending up disappointed once again! Teeth Whitening products are proven to be safe and effective, but you should keep in mind too that there are some things you must do and not do after a whitening treatment. By reading this blog, you will gain a lot of insights regarding the dos and don'ts to protect your teeth. 

Things you should do after teeth whitening

Things you should do after teeth whitening

  • Drink plenty of water

Water is always best with regard to taking care of your teeth. If you cannot fully avoid taking beverages/foods that might stain your teeth, make sure you consume more water than those.

  • Brush your teeth gently.

Brushing your teeth too hard won't do any good to your teeth. It is never a good idea to scrub it too much, thinking it would make your teeth whiter. As much as possible, brush it gently to avoid dental problems like tooth sensitivity.

  • Consider taking pain relievers.

Most of the individuals who take teeth whitening products experience tooth sensitivity. But there is no need to worry, it is just normal, and it can be prevented. If you also suffer from pain after a whitening dental treatment, then taking a pain reliever might help you. If you have no idea about the medications, always check and ask for assistance from professionals.

  • Continue your routine

One way you could keep the effectiveness of your whitening treatment is to maintain and continue your oral health care routine. Flossing your teeth once a day is a good idea.

  • Visit your Dentist

Although you are done with your teeth whitening sessions, you are still encouraged to have a regular check-up to know your condition. Remember that you are applying a treatment. You must be responsible for avoiding some things and making sure that your oral health has no implications.

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Things You Should Avoid After Whitening Treatment

To keep the brightness of your teeth, you must look after them most times. Since you used a whitening treatment, there are certain edibles that you must not always consume. Some examples are this colored food and beverages:

  • Tea¬†
    colored beverages
  • Coffees
  • Sodas¬†
  • Red Wines¬†
  • Beer¬†
  • Fruit juices.¬†

It is also recommended that you use a straw upon drinking these mentioned beverages. It is impossible to stop drinking all of these, so at least when you use a straw, the drink you sip will not directly touch your teeth. Straw serves as a little protection for your teeth. 

Moreover, it is not only drinks that are capable of staining your teeth. Here are the foods that you should restrain eating:

  • Chocolates
  • Candies¬†
  • Acidic foods¬†
  • Dark-colored sauces

There are already plenty of things that you must avoid, and it will not be complete without this one: 

Smoking is a big NO also.  

  • If you do not smoke, well, that's great.¬†
  • If you used to smoke and now plan to try once again since you have already recovered your bright and white teeth, you must not continue with that idea.¬†

Tobacco is harmful to your teeth. It is one of the major reasons and causes of teeth discoloration. Aside from this, according to Colgate, there are many adverse oral risks associated with tobacco use, including gum disease, oral cancer, dulled tasting abilities, and slower healing after certain dental procedures. Using tobacco will only bring negativities and may even hinder your goal of achieving beautiful and bright teeth. So, it is best to put it to an end. You are just wasting your time applying a whitening treatment if you just keep using tobacco.

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Dentists recommend Teeth Whitening Products. 

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