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Five Types of Dental Braces

To ensure you are choosing the right braces, learn these five types and check if they are what you need.

Just like teeth whitening products, dental braces also vary. It has five different types, one of which would suit you or not. Thankfully, you cannot just put braces on without consultation from an orthodontist. It is safer and more secure, allowing you to avoid implications or emergencies during the process. Although you are not responsible for putting braces on your teeth, you should still be knowledgeable about their types. Now here are the five dental braces for you to learn. 

5 Dental Braces You Should Know

  • Metal Braces
  • This type of brace is also called a traditional one since it is the most typical and first came into existence. However, its structure has already changed, especially now that we are in a high-technology generation—moreover, metal braces work by connecting them to the teeth with a wire. One may use their preferred color of bands to make their teeth nicer.

  • Ceramic Braces
  • This type of brace works the same as metallic ones. It also has the exact size and shape. However, this one is less visible since it uses clear ceramic brackets, which blend into the color of your teeth. 

  • Lingual Braces
  • Unlike the two types mentioned earlier of braces, this one is unusual because it is placed behind your teeth rather than in front. Most adults prefer this type since it is not noticeable. Nevertheless, note that this is more expensive,  difficult to clean, and requires a skilled orthodontist. 

  • Invisalign
  • This one is transparent, removable, and easier to clean. It does not have any wires or brackets. Instead, it works with custom-made, clear plastic aligners that require replacement every two weeks. This is commonly used by people who has mild dental problems. 

  • Self-ligating Braces
  • This is more like a combination of metal and ceramic braces. It only differs because it uses a clip to hold the wire in the braces. It is easier to adjust and clean and is suitable for people who want shorter appointments.

    Bright Smile

    Luckily, there are variations of braces you can choose from. Just make sure you also have your dentist's recommendation so that it will be effective and will last longer. If you are yet to use braces, we can assist you. Leave a comment below for us to communicate smoothly.

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