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Can You Whiten Your Teeth in One Week?

Have you been planning to use teeth whiteners to achieve that gleaming pearly whites but need clarification on whether it will actually help you? Dive into these facts to find out the answer you are seeking!
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Since teeth whitening varies from method and product, one cannot directly identify whether they can whiten their teeth in just a week. Some whiteners contain abrasive ingredients and using them despite having mild dental issues can harm you instead. On the other hand, using too low peroxide can be less effective. That is why if you like to start your whitening journey, knowing what whitener is best for you is crucial. First, it can help you achieve your goal, and second, it is the only way to be safe. So, if you desire to whiten your teeth immediately, here are answers and choices to your question.

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5 Choices in Whitening Your Teeth

  • Using the Mysmile Teeth Whitening Strips lets your teeth experience ten shades whiter. Applying it 30 minutes per day will surely give noticeable results in a week. As long as you follow the instructions and use the product properly, you will gain the benefits it offers. This Strip is also suitable for anyone and can be used anywhere due to its convenient and lightweight feature. 
  • Of course, to keep your teeth white, you must brush and floss daily to remove any food excess getting stuck between the teeth. By that, your teeth will be free from tooth and gum issues, making your teeth appear white and bright every day. 
  • If you haven't used a teeth whitener yet, you may use fluoridated water or toothpaste as a beginner. Although it cannot show noticeable results in one week, unlike other whiteners, it can freshen your mouth and maintain oral health. 
  • If you are not rushing to whiten your teeth, you may do natural at-home whitening treatments. It includes using baking soda, oil pulling, rinsing with apple cider vinegar, and more. 
  • Also, if you have much budget on your hands, go to a professional dentist and choose the in-office treatment method. They will provide you with services that only they can do. 

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Teeth whiteners have powers in them that others do not. And you can always experience its benefits if you follow appropriate instructions. But all in all, know that whitening teeth differs and has many factors to consider. If you have severe tooth discoloration and cavities in the mouth, one week will not be enough to recover it. 


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