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Black Lives Matter

Black. Lives. Matter.


My Smile Teeth stands for equality. We support, employ, sponsor, and work with people of ALL ethnicites, backgrounds, and locations. We stand with and support POC who are peacefully demanding the equality that has been denied to them for far too long. 

We spent time in silence learning and listening and began sharing resources on how you can join us in giving back on all of our social media platforms. You can find us on Instagram at @_mysmileteeth TikTok at @mysmileteeth and Facebook at My Smile.

It is our duty to give back. We have created the code BlackLivesMatter to be used on our website. This code will give everyone 15% off site wide. We will be donating $2 for every kit sold using that code to a different worthy organization each week. 

This week we will be donating to NAACP 

We will choose a new charity each week for the next four weeks and will be sure to post each week so you know where the money is being donated!

We support and stand with all POC and we hope you will join us because we believe it is every single humans duty to do so.

Please follow us on social media, share this code with everyone you know, and comment below if you would like to nominate an organization to add to our list.

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