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Are Modern Dental Care Tools Safer than the Traditional Ones?

Dental tools are not only revolving around traditional ones anymore since the emergence of modern inventions. That is where questions about safety evolve. Which one is safer? Which one is more gentle? To answer, check this blog out.

Both modern and traditional dental care tools can be safe when used correctly and regularly. However, in terms of which one is safer, we get confused. Traditional dental tools like manual brushing and floss, where we have to use a string to remove foods stuck between the teeth, are popular in their own time. Lots of people rely on them to maintain oral health. But now that we are adapting to the advancement of technologies, these modern dental tools emerged, offering new features and deeper cleaning. So, which of the two is truly safer? Find it out by reading below.

Modern Dental Care Tools

Here is why Modern Dental Tools are Safer:

  • Although traditional tools came into existence first, having been used for ages, modern dental tools are safer because of their new newly installed features, including a built-in smart-timer. It ensures you are brushing your teeth for exactly two minutes. 
  • Modern dental tools are much safer because they promote hassle-free cleaning. Most of them are already battery-powered, accommodating the needs of people with limited dexterity or physical challenges. 
  • Modern dental tools are safer because most have built-in pressure sensors or indicators, preventing excessive force during brushing and protecting the gums from damage. One example is the Mysmile Sonic Toothbrush which offers five (5) modes of automatic memory function - Clean, White, Polish, Massage, and Sensitive.

Both dental tools, whether traditional or modern, are safe and effective. It only boils down to your preferences. Drop a comment below if you want to inquire about dental tools.

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