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Why is Toothpick Obsession not Good For You?

Although you may feel satisfied whenever food stuck between the teeth is removed using a toothpick, this tool has underlying consequences for oral health. Discover how toothpick damages teeth and gums by looking through this blog. 

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Toothpick is a well-known tooth cleaner for removing foods stuck between teeth. It has been around for quite a long time, and because of its effectiveness, it became prevalent and may be one of the most used dental tools. However, relying on it and excessive use can damage your teeth. It could lead to various health concerns which may disrupt teeth appearance. To know more, continue reading below.

Mouth injuries

Consequences of Using Toothpick

  • It could lead to mouth injuries
  • Toothpicks have sharp edges. Excessive use can cause injuries to the tooth itself, causing pain or sensitivity. 

  • It could wear down tooth enamel
  • Toothpick use obsession can wear down tooth enamel, slowly breaking and thinning the layer. 

  • It could contribute to gum irritation
  • Toothpick obsession can harm tissues in the mouth, especially gums. It can cause discomfort, and a more severe dental issue once left untreated.

  • It could cause bleeding/oral infections
  • It could result in accidental cuts or scratches inside the mouth, which can lead to a more severe or serious oral health infection. 

    Let us know your thoughts about the utilization of toothpicks. You may also share with us if you have a memorable experience using the said tool. Feel free to comment below.

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