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Tobacco and Tooth Loss: How Smoking Harms Dental Health

Smoking is one of the most typical habits that harm oral health. Among all those dental issues one may get from smoking, let us tackle Tooth loss since it is popular and familiar to everybody. Learn with me by reading this blog.

Tobacco is known for its main psychoactive ingredient and addictive substance called nicotine. For those who do not know, using nicotine can cause health problems. And one of those problems is tooth loss, where one or more teeth become loose and fall out. Smoking tobacco increases the risk of the above-mentioned dental issue for various reasons. Yes, unlike people with no vices, smokers are more likely to experience tooth loss. Do you know why? Let us find the answer together by reading the following.


a man is smoking harm his dental health and oral care

Smoking Increases Risk of Tooth Loss because:

  1. It Reduces Saliva: Saliva is crucial to our oral health, moisturizing, and neutralizing acids in the mouth. Now, if your mouth does not produce and flow enough saliva, it may become dry, losing the ability to protect your oral health. 
  2. It Slows Down Healing: Smoking, with its harmful ingredients, can slow down the healing process after dental procedures. It can never allow your mouth to rest from all the bacteria, further contributing to tooth loss. 
  3. It Causes Oral Health Concerns: Smoking may contribute to many dental concerns, including gum diseases, tooth discoloration, and weakened tooth enamel. A weakened tooth enamel will eventually wear out earlier than other healthy teeth. 
  4. It Affects Dental Treatments: No matter how effective or expensive your dental treatment, even a teeth whitening method won't stand a chance if one keeps smoking. You cannot undoubtedly experience the results of the treatment appropriately. Consequently, your teeth will not be cleaned or whitened, leaving plaques and bacteria damaging your teeth. 

Whether you like it or not, smoking is harmful to the lungs and our oral health. Let us know if you have some queries by commenting below so we can communicate well.

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