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How Medications Affect Saliva Production

Medications exist for a crucial purpose yet still contain a few downsides to our health. Unveil some of those effects by checking this blog out. 

Saliva is crucial to our oral health. It is not just a mere liquid existing in our mouths; it is a protection and a significant factor that keeps our dental health. Without saliva, without enough saliva, the mouth will perform differently. And you can really identify the difference when you experience it one day. Yes, that's how crucial it is. However, other inevitable circumstances, like taking certain medications, can affect our saliva production. Indeed, those remedies are for good, only for good intentions, yet, we cannot change the fact that it still has side effects. To learn more about it, here is another list you can check. 

How Medications Affect Saliva Production

6 Side Effects of Medications 

  • Certain medications can decrease saliva production, including antianxiety or antidepressant drugs. 
  • Frequent intake of medicine can cause dry mouth. And although it is common and well-known to everybody, it still needs attention. 
  • Experiencing dry mouth for a lengthier period may lead to gum irritation or inflammation.
  • Some medications can cause mouth sores, including vincristine and capecitabine.
  • Not having enough saliva due to medications can change your sense of taste, which is typical for adults or seniors intaking chemotherapy drugs. 
  • Since you do not have enough saliva to keep your oral health, the abrasiveness of drugs may cause gum swelling. It may even result in a more severe oral issue when left untreated.

Are you feeling more intelligent about medications and saliva after reading this blog? If yes, then that's good to hear! If you want other tips, facts, or guidance on oral health, do not hesitate to reach us by leaving your details in the comment below. 

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