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Oral Care Problems Associated with Tonsil Stones

Are you familiar with tonsil stones? No, not the stones that you can find on the ground. Tonsil stones are one of the oral health concerns that we must be aware of. Why? Because there is more to it that individuals must consider. Check this blog out to uncover the facts.

Tonsil stones, also known as tonsillitis, are small, smelly, whitish-yellowish deposits in your tonsils. These lumpy bumps can grow in a particular size, ranging from a measure of grain or gravel. Though, these stones are not considered harmful. However, it still causes dental problems, discomfort, and even embarrassment. According to Medical News Today, tonsil stones form when debris, such as food, dead cells, bacteria, and other substances, becomes trapped on the tonsils. But what exactly are the oral health issues associated with tonsil stones? Keep reading to learn more.

Tonsil Stones

What are Dental Problems Associated with Tonsil Stones?

  • Throat discomfort and swallowing issues 
Tonsil stones can cause throat discomfort and pain, leading to difficulty swallowing tough foods. Frequent throat clearing or swallowing difficulties can result in dry mouth and tooth decay. 
  • Halitosis (bad breath) 
Tonsil stones have a foul smell, and although it does not directly harm the teeth and gums, the odor can impact oral health, causing bad breath. Bad breath may sound simple; however, it can reduce confidence in the beholder, limiting the courage to socialize. 
  • Swelling, Inflammation, and Infection 

You may consider tonsil stones harmless due to their size. Little do you know that leaving tonsil stones in your tonsils longer can damage oral health. Large tonsil stones can trigger oral infections and can cause soreness and chronic inflammation in the area. 

Indeed, tonsil stones can be a worry to some degree. If ever you have some at the back of your tongue, ensure you pay it enough attention to prevent other risks from happening. By commenting below, you may reach us for more tips and guidance regarding this matter.

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