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Dental Anxiety: An Introduction

Dental anxiety is common, but not everyone understands and knows the term. To be aware and current, educate yourself about dental anxiety by checking this blog.

Dental anxiety is a term used to describe fear or worry that some people experience when they think about or visit the dentist. Others may see those people as overreacting, but the truth is, it is honestly an anxiety. This typical condition affects many individuals, ranging from mild uneasiness to severe panic. And since not everyone knows and understands it, many consider it a mere joke or a simple problem, without knowing that letting this fear take over would impact oral health. So, what is dental anxiety all about?

Dental Anxiety

Facts about Dental Anxiety

  • Dental anxiety can stem from various factors, such as previous negative dental experiences, fear of pain or needles, the feeling of losing control, embarrassment about oral health, or even a general fear of medical environments.
  • As mentioned earlier, dental anxiety can have significant consequences on oral health. Individuals may avoid or delay dental visits, leading to untreated dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease, or infections. Neglected oral health can further worsen anxiety, creating a cycle of fear and poor dental health.
  • According to WebMD, people who have dental anxiety experiences symptoms like trouble sleeping the night before the dental exam, feelings of nervousness that escalate while in the dental office waiting room, crying or feeling physically ill at the very thought of visiting the dentist, intense uneasiness at the idea of, or actually when, objects are placed in your mouth during the dental treatment or suddenly feeling like it is difficult to breathe. 

Visiting a dentist is crucial in maintaining oral health; that is why people with dental anxiety must find and do some ways to manage and cope with their fears. If you want assistance or answers to your queries regarding dental anxiety, communicate with us by dropping a comment below.

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