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Debunking the Myth of E-cigarettes as 'Safer' Alternative

Do you want to discover the reality behind the supposed 'safety' of e-cigarettes? Well, check and read this blog to satisfy your needs.
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Many have favored E-cigarettes since their existence, believing it is safer and more convenient to use. Unfortunately, these reasons are just one of the myths. Although with modernized features, this substitute for traditional smoking is still harmful, especially to oral health. They still contain potentially harmful substances, including nicotine and various toxins, which can pose significant health risks. To learn more, continue reading below.

Oral Health

How do E-cigarettes Affect Oral Health?

  • It Damages Teeth and Gums
  • E-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals like tobacco. Therefore, it can still weaken tooth enamel and cause gum problems like irritation or inflammation. 

  • It Stains Teeth
  • Like tobacco, e-cigarettes can potentially discolor your teeth, making them appear darker or yellow as time goes by. 

  • It Drys the Mouth
  • Chemical substances present in e-cigarettes, like propylene glycol and nicotine, can dry the mouth. It contributes to slow saliva production, making you more prone to dental problems. 

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