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Balancing Books and Brushing

In a world full of responsibilities and priorities, one thing we often forget is performing our dental hygiene routine. Now, how can we become academically promising while achieving good oral health as a student? Learn some ways through this blog.

Surely, we have academic commitments if we are students. We have something to prioritize daily, especially during weekdays. With tons of things to do, leading to a busy and hectic schedule, maintaining proper oral hygiene becomes a concern. And that is a fact because most of us tend to neglect dental care routine over finishing school work, etc., thinking we could just brush or clean our teeth later. However, this is different from how it works; missing your dental hygiene has consequences. Learn more by reading below.

Books and Brushing

How to Balance Studying and Brushing?

  • Use a TIMER
  • I am referring to timers on your study schedule and timers for your toothbrush. Like the Mysmile Sonic Toothbrush, it has a two-minute smart timer that will aid you in keeping a convenient and organized brushing time. Also, it is battery-powered, allowing you to exert no extra effort. This will undoubtedly balance studying and maintaining oral health. 

  • Keep it Simple
  • Make your study schedule and techniques achievable and easy to follow to save time from cleaning or searching things out. Meanwhile, seek dental tools that provide efficient and effective cleaning methods, offering simple maintenance and storing procedures.  

    Give distinctions on how vital your tasks are to keep organized. And always remember to brush your teeth no matter what it takes. Two minutes of cleaning your teeth is short, therefore, will only take a little of your time/. Do you want to gain more tips on maintaining teeth? Comment below to reach out.

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