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Bad Habits That Wreck Your Teeth

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We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth. If you neglect this truth, the results will not be good! But there are ways for people who want better oral health - it just takes awareness and effort in applying what works well with them so they can achieve success without wasting money on ineffective habits or medicines that don't work as expected because we all know how expensive dental treatments have become today. It is important to consider the factors when applying a product to your teeth. You want it healthy and away from possible damage, but do you want to know what habits you must avoid? This article has all of those answers! Continue reading, and later on, you will find out everything.

I categorized the habits that could wreck your teeth into three parts: food consumption, beverages intake, and other personal habits.


Food Consumption

Some foods that you eat are very unhealthy for your teeth. Despite how much you enjoy it, you should consider avoiding it if you wish to keep your teeth white and in shape.

  • Sugary Foods
    sugary foods that are not good for yout teeth

Chocolates, candies, ice creams, and gummy are just some edibles that aren't good for your teeth. Consuming too much of these will cause you no good.

  • Acidic Foods

Dairy products, tomatoes, lemons, and berries are some acidic foods you should avoid. Acids weaken tooth enamel. If you do not want to experience tooth decay, be mindful and limit your consumption.


Drinking Habits

Are you aiming to maintain a beautiful and bright smile? Then discover the drinks that may hinder you in achieving your goal. 

  • Coffee

Unlike other habits that I already mentioned, coffee only causes discoloration of teeth. The good thing about this is that it is curable. There are many teeth whitening treatments that will help you remove the teeth stains. Nevertheless, limit your consumption and look after your teeth.

  • tea and coffee stained your white teeth
    Teas have different flavours. According to WebMD, tea is much worse than coffee. However, it does not signify that you can drink tea as much as you crave.
  • Carbonated Soft drinks

Sodas are the most harmful beverage that you may drink. Nonetheless, other carbonated drinks are still considered destructive. The acidity does not depend on the lightness or darkness of a liquid. As long as it is carbonated, then it has the power to attack and wreck your teeth.

  • Flavored Juice

Fruit juice or not, it contains high sugar. Choose appropriately on what kind of juice you will intake. Take time to check the nutrition facts.

  • Sport Drinks

These are much like juices. It contains a high sugar that could lead to tooth erosion. Instead of refreshing yourself with this, try choosing water.

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Other Personal Habits

Foods and drinks are not the only factors that could wreck your teeth. Particular habits play a huge role in damaging your pearly white teeth. Take a look at the following:

  • Using Teeth to Open Something

The purpose of your teeth is for eating. It means that using it to open something is not a good idea. If you continue to do so, your teeth will crack or chip afterwards without you realizing it.

  • Smoking

Smoking is the number one factor that causes discoloration of teeth. Moreover, it may also lead to different problems such as gum disease and oral cancer.

  • Chewing Ice
    woman chewing ice

Chewing ice is fun, but it impacts your teeth behind. Now is the time to change your perspective. Be reminded that chewing too much hot or cold drinks/foods will only trigger tooth sensitivity. It may even crack and chip your teeth.

  • Brushing Your Teeth Too Harsh

"The more you brush, the more bacteria you will get" is not the right idea. It is a common misconception for almost everyone. Brush your teeth gently to avoid injuries and other sensitivity issues.

  • Grinding Your Teeth

There are potential reasons why individuals grind their teeth during sleep or when they are angry. Does it truly affect the health of your teeth? Yes, of course. Grinding your teeth leads to teeth deterioration. Luckily, you can use mouth guards to prevent or lessen the contact between your upper and lower teeth.

Yes, don’t be surprised. Taking care of your teeth requires control and a proper routine. In line with this, here are our recommendations for you.

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Have you been engaging in any of these bad habits? If so, it's time to make a change! We want to help you have the healthiest and happiest smile, so please feel free to leave us comments below. And if you're looking for ways to improve your oral hygiene beyond just avoiding these common teeth-wreckers, check out our other blog posts on the topic. Thanks for reading – we hope this article helps get your pearly whites shining brightly once again.

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