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Alcohol and its Impacts on Oral Health

Are you also a lover of alcoholic drinks? If yes, then this blog is for you. Learn what alcohol is and its impacts on our oral health. 

Anything considered too much is not good and not healthy, including too much food, too much exercise, too much brushing, and all. It goes the same way with too much alcohol, especially knowing that it has chemicals or substances that damage our teeth once taken outside our limits. Alcohol is an escape or reliever for other people. Do you think it is a healthy way to escape when their teeth are damaged along the process? I think you would disagree with that. So, to learn more about its impacts, here are the following. 

5 Impacts of Alcohol on Teeth

  • It builds plaques on teeth.

For the information of everybody, some alcohols contain sugar in them, which means the more you drink, the more you are allowing your teeth to be exposed to acid. And when bacteria react to the acid, they may then form into plaques. Further, if you won’t take any actions, it may worsen the situation and may result in tooth decay. 

  • It dehydrates the mouth.

As you drink plenty of alcohol, you tend to urinate more. Due to that, you may become dehydrated. Alcohol is diuretic - it allows you to excrete water in your body. And since most people do not drink water when they are drinking alcohol, they get dehydrated faster. 

  • May produce mouth/canker sores.

The acid in the alcohol can trigger or irritate the gums, especially if one drank too much of it. With that, alcohol may cause and create canker sores. Not all individuals experience this the day after drinking, but it is still pretty typical for some. 

  • May lead to growing oral cancers.

As a matter of fact, people know that frequent drinking of alcohol can be damaging and harmful to oral health, just like when using tobacco. However, only a few have paid attention to the risks, to the consequences, including having mouth cancer. According to the National Library of Medicine, "Alcohol, particularly when associated with tobacco use, has been recognized as an important risk factor for mouth cancer for almost 50 years."

  • It can discolor your teeth.

This may be the most common aftereffect of drinking too much alcohol, yet it still needs proper attention to prevent it from becoming worse. Alcohol, especially with dark flavors, can stain your teeth. And once you neglect it, it will weaken your teeth and eventually lose their brightness.

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You must stop drinking too much alcohol, especially if there is no occasion at all. It is only by discipline that you can prevent all those possible impacts of alcohol. Aside from that, you may use the Mysmile Everyday Whitening Bundle to ensure your teeth are going back to their exact brightness. These three types of whitening can give you hope and effective results - white and gleaming pearly whites. Also, do not forget to consult a dentist to know more appropriate ways to maintain your teeth. 

To know more tips and facts regarding the use of alcohol and its impacts on oral health, do not hesitate to reach us by writing a comment below. We would be glad and honored to hear from and assist someone like you!

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