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After 7 days, Little to no difference

I’m not sure how people are getting results with this. I started with my teeth at a 4or5. I really wanted to get them to a 2 or 3. I did it everyday for 7 days and saw no results at all. By day 5 my gums were sore and red so brushing my teeth was painful. Maybe mine was defective but idk it definitely whitened my gums on day 7 which was scary and painful. Or maybe it’s because my teeth were not that yellow either way, Won’t buy again and I can’t recommend. It seems like a scam to me. Maybe it will be more effective in someone with level 9 staining


Love the soft grip and easy to control. Way better than what I used before !

It didn’t seem to do much of anything unfortunately. I was sadly disappointed I’m sorry for the negative feedback back but it’s my honest experience opinion.

does not work at all for me👎

I love this product!

Didnt work, i wont by anymore. My teeth are the same color, nothing really change.

Whitening Gel Refill w/ 18% CP

sounded good but doesn’t work

i alrdy tried calling but,… the LED light didn’t work even after trying to replace it.. n getting a new one or a refund is complicated/impossible because u need an order number which the package does not provide.. n phone number goes straight to voicemail. WAIST OF MONEY FRL .

Didn’t get package

Hello! I just wanted to say that I never got my package and I would like you to send it again. I even payed for the fast shipping and it still hasn’t gotten here.
Thank you.

It made my teeth so sensitive. I did not like it at all. I couldn't keep it on longer than a minute and my teeth started hurting, I had to stop. I do not recommend.

Whitening Pen

I love my new whitening pen. It allows me to see exactly where the whitening gel is being applied.

it’s good I’d say, although I just wish mybhek came with the more thicker and bigger ones

Definately whiter teeth

After a regular dentist cleaning I started using my smile and my teeth are noticeably whiter.

0 customer support

If there is a problem, don’t expect you can get a hold of anyone to address it. 0 support

Whitening Gel Refill w/ 18% CP


It gets better and better everyday. My daughter and husband ordered a kit also.

Difference in days

Easy to use and a good price

Love it

Love the results it definitely made a difference

Best whitening product yet!

I?€?ve tried everything from whitening strips from the dentist?€?s office to whitening toothpaste and this is the best by far! I have extremely sensitive teeth and I can use this daily with no side effects. The results are the best I?€?ve ever experienced.

I want to cancel my subscription

I can’t find a way to cancel my subscription. The app continues to kick me out when trying to log in to manage subscription.

Refill is a must

I definitely didn’t believe it would work and now my smile is better then ever

Works !!!

1 week result !! The bottom is before and the top is after. I had a strong feeling that this was either going to work or not after seeing alot of mixed reviews about this whitening kit. I am glad it worked because I struggle with coffee and tea stains so it?€?s hard to get that perfect white color. This kit won?€?t disappoint you.

Enough for a couple of weeks

Perfect way to dispense in the tray. No sensitivity noted.

5 shade?€?s first time use!

Works perfect! I ran out of the SNOW bleach refills and thought I?€?d try this?€? it works better then there gold tubes.