The MySmile Back to School Content Creation Contest 2024 is a dynamic and engaging event designed to celebrate the back-to-school season by encouraging participants to create captivating content featuring MySmile products. This contest not only offers participants the opportunity to win impressive prizes but also aims to enhance MySmile's brand visibility and community engagement across various social media platforms.

Contest Overview

Dates: August 8, 2024 - August 22, 2024


  • Grand Prize: Macbook Pro 14” M3 chip ($1599) + MySmile® Ultimate Care Package ($200)
  • Second Prize: iPad Air 11” ($549) + MySmile® Premium Care Package ($150)
  • Third Prize: AirPods Pro 3rd Generation ($169) + MySmile® Care Package ($100)
  • Fourth Prize: Target/Amazon/Sephora Gift Card ($50) x 5
  • Fifth Prize: MySmile® Essential Sonic Toothbrush ($24.95) x 10 winners
  • Sixth Prize: Starbucks Gift Card ($15) x 15 winners

How to Enter

  1. Create Content: Use any MySmile® products to create captivating content. This can be a video or a creative combination of photos and video.
  2. Share Your Content: Post your content on your social media accounts (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  3. Follow MySmile: Follow @mysmile on the social media platform where you entered the contest.
  4. Tag and Hashtag: Tag your content with the hashtag #mysmilebacktoschool24 and tag @mysmile to ensure your entry is counted.

Winner Selection

Winners will be selected randomly, with more entries increasing the chances of winning the grand prize. The selection process aims to ensure fairness and encourage maximum participation.

Important Notes

  • Multiple Entries Allowed: Each entry MUST feature unique content.
  • Creative: Only new, original posts created specifically for this event will be accepted. Previously used or old posts are not eligible.
  • Public Posts Required: Ensure your social media posts are set to "public" during the competition period.
  • US Participants Only: The contest is open to participants in the US only.
  • Content Rights: By entering, participants grant MySmile the rights to share and repost their content on official MySmile social media pages and website, with proper credit to the creators.
  • Content Guidelines: The contest celebrates creativity and positivity. Inappropriate or offensive content will be disqualified and may be reported.
  • Winner Announcement: Winners will be announced on MySmile's social media pages and contacted via direct message within 7 days after the competition ends. If a winner does not respond within 48 hours, MySmile reserves the right to select a new winner.

Contest Promotion Plan

  1. Pre-Contest Teasers: Utilize social media channels and email newsletters to create buzz about the upcoming contest.
  2. Launch Announcement: On August 8, 2024, announce the contest on all MySmile social media platforms and the official website.
  3. Mid-Contest Reminders: Post reminders and updates throughout the contest period to encourage participation.
  4. Highlight Entries: Share participant entries on MySmile’s social media platforms to showcase creativity and inspire others.
  5. Winner Announcement: Announce winners on social media and the official website, celebrating their creativity and thanking all participants.

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