We Review The Best Teeth Whitening Products of 2018

2018 saw a dramatic change in Tooth Whitening Technology. The ability to whiten teeth at home has been around for a few years, but it was expensive and could be dangerous to the enamel of the user’s teeth.

The Hydrogen Peroxide formula found in the Whitening gel has given way to Carbamide Peroxide for a number of reasons. Today we are reviewing several of the top names in home teeth whitening and identifying which are the best.

MySmiles Home Teeth Whitening Kit – MySmiles Kit is one of the newest we tested, and they came out swinging. They make the process very easy by providing everything you need in one attractive kit.

Included is the LED Light source with built-in timer making it very easy to do the proper amount of whitening without damaging the enamel. The teeth tray that can be fitted for size and three syringes of the specially formulated Carbamide Gel. Also included are the syringe tips that prevent contamination, and provide an accurate application to the tray.

To prevent the problem of tooth sensitivity they add a unique Remineralization Gel that replaces minerals lost during the whitening process. This leaching of minerals is known to cause pain and sensitivity in regular users of the teeth whitening gel.

After the process is over MySmile includes a handy color chart that keeps up with how effective the process was. NICE!!!! 4 out of 5

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit- When we saw the price of this kit we were taken aback and almost did not include them in this test. At $150.00 it was BY FAR the most expensive option for Home Whitening Kits and was second on our Dental Office options.

After checking the ingredients and the appliance offered we found them to be identical to the options at less than half the price. Snow pledges to give a portion of the cost of the kit to children that are impoverished and without proper dental care. The amount is not disclosed however so it is hard to give points for that.

The Snow Teeth tray plugs into your cell phone (rather than have its own power source powering the led lights) and tethers you to your phone for the ten to fifteen minutes it takes to whiten. The reduction in battery charge was not insignificant in our testing so you probably want to plug your phone in after you whiten.

The gel was virtually identical to the gel used in other home kits if not a bit stronger. This might explain the tooth sensitivity many customers report experiencing. The difference between whiteness, however, was not experienced. Due to the extreme price difference between this solution and the others we tested Snow receives a 2 out of 5.

HiSmile-  The choice of the stars!!

Ok, the first thing we noticed was the HiSmile packaging is identical to the MySmile product we already reviewed.

The packaging is not the only thing identical, however, the gel, the light, and the tray are all identical as well. The only thing that is not identical as far as we could tell was the promotion and the price.  At $59.99 it is quite a bit more than the $21.99 we paid for MySmile, and well under the $150 we gave up for Snow Teeth Whitening. HiSmile must spend a LOT of money on promoting this product, we see it everywhere. Regardless we give HiSmile 3 out of 5 Stars.

ISmile- The last one on our list was also our least favorite. One of the things that stuck out in our testing was the iSmile light malfunctioned right out of the box.

Once we got the light issue fixed the rest of the process was easy. Virtually the same results as the others we tested although we did note that iSmile left our teeth a little more sensitive than the other products we tried.

That’s it… Our roundup of several of the most popular options in Home Teeth Whitening in 2018. We hope you find it helpful, and use the information to make a whiter smile in 2019…

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