Teeth Whitening Strips with 28x LED Light - MySmile
Teeth Whitening Strips with 28x LED Light - MySmile
Teeth Whitening Strips with 28x LED Light - MySmile
Teeth Whitening Strips with 28x LED Light - MySmile
Teeth Whitening Strips with 28x LED Light - MySmile
Teeth Whitening Strips with 28x LED Light - MySmile
Teeth Whitening Strips with 28x LED Light - MySmile

Teeth Whitening Strips with 28x LED Light

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Danielle FarrisDanielle Farris
Really impressed

I rarely write reviews but this product does work! I went down 2 shade in 20 mins. I didn’t want to keep it on for the full 30 mins because I was afraid of the sensitivity. But so far so good. I was getting embarrassed with how yellow my teeth have been looking so happy to find a product that has worked!!

Wine and coffee lover here! Why did I spend $150 🤦‍♀️. This is just as good!

I bought a product that was advertised on social media last year, and I paid $150 for that kit, and for $40 this one works just as well 🤦‍♀️. Don’t I feel the fool right now!!This comes in a smaller package then you might expect. (Adding a photo to show what I mean, prior to using.) it may be tiny but works BIG time! After only one use you WILL see at least one shade of difference, which is highly encouraging, and I’ve had zero sensitivity from this product 👍.It’s definitely worth the price tag. Don’t overspend like I did. There’s no need to! I will recommend this product to family & friends. If you like wine, coffee, you smoke, or just have stained up looking teeth- you need this! My crowns are refreshed to their original color, too!5 stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I hope my review has proven helpful :).

Convenient and works

My husband and I had been sharing one and liked it very much so I purchased my own. It has made a significant change to my teeth. I had very discolored teeth for 60+ years so I wasn't expecting newscaster bright white, but I'm more confident to smile now. The device is easy to use and has it's own charging port (the cord could be longer and adding instructions to set it up would be helpful). Unlike my husbands (he bought the full kit), mine has a cover for keeping it clean while charging instead of the case that comes with the full kit. I can't attest to it's longevity yet but all in all, money well spent.

Works well!

I am loving this little kit.The before and after photo is after just one use!I definitely recommend trying this one out.The whitening strips don’t taste like strong bleach like another brand I’ve tried so that’s definitely a plus being that we have to use these for 30 min.The blue light piece isn’t cheap at all.Definitely quality made.Instructions are easy to follow.Give it a try!

C. Brown
Best Idea for a Whitening LED Light, But Painful

I have been using the Snow whitening system for several months now prior to purchasing this product. And while it has done an excellent job in whitening my teeth the LED light that comes with the wired system has to be attached to your phone in order to be powered. This is very limiting in that you have to have a cord in your hand for 20 minutes. You can't get up and do things as easily as you normally would because usually the phone has to be in your hand. Snow does have a wireless LED light system but it's quite expensive and you have to buy it with a kit. So I decided to look for another option.So I looked on Amazon and I found the MySmile rechargeable teeth whitening LED light. I thought to myself, "this is excellent!" It's actually rechargeable and has a little case with it.It actually works really well in terms of the recharging and how it fits into the case. The problem I have is that it is much more uncomfortable than the Snow system LED light.For some reason this thing cuts into my gums a little bit and I have to bite back on the unit in order for it not to cause my gums any pain.While I am getting used to biting it in a different position than you normally would with any other mouthguard, I would prefer not to have to do that. It's a problem that I never had with the Snow system. However, because this thing is so much more practical in that I don't have a cord it's either this or be connected to the power cord of the Snow system. For that reason I have to say that this thing is very useful but the design is slightly flawed in that it cuts into the gums a bit.If it didn't give me any pain it would be by far the best LED whitening light on the market. They really should think about doing a redesign that doesn't cut into the gums so much. If they would have done that I would have given this thing five stars easily.

Teeth Whitening Strips with 28 Premium LED Lights: Our LED teeth whitening light is designed with 28 LED bulbs for outstanding whitening. MySmile Dentist-created proprietary teeth whitening serum features the exact same enamel-safe whitening ingredient that dentists use, while the patented light gives you 3X more prolonged results without the risk of sensitivity than other brands. Fast Results Than Other White Strips Alone: Our Teeth Whitening Strips Kit combines 14 Teeth Whitening Strips and a rechargeable LED whitening accelerator. Not only do they eradicate surface discoloration, but they also remove deep-seated stains from the enamel for superior whitening results. Whitening Strips for Sensitive Teeth: Our tooth whitening kit professional contains teeth whitening strips and 28 LED lights. Their natural, non-toxic, and gentle ingredients are safe for tooth gums and enamel, and there's no stimulation of tooth
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