100pcs Teeth Wipes - MySmile
100pcs Teeth Wipes - MySmile
100pcs Teeth Wipes - MySmile
100pcs Teeth Wipes - MySmile
100pcs Teeth Wipes - MySmile

100pcs Teeth Wipes

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Gloria CY
Good for cleaning your teeth while traveling

I purchased the wipes and brought them with me for camping. It's so convenient to clean my teeth whenever I need, especially when I have no access to clean water. It's easy to carry thanks to its segregated package for each wipe.

mr dead
These are alright but the texture isn't very pleasant

If you are looking for a quick tooth and mouth freshener when brushing isn't possible, these are great for it. They are a textured finger covering that is coated with mint. These are disposable and individually wrapped which makes them great for stashing in your purse, wallet, car, or anywhere else.These are simple to use. Simply open one up, put your finger inside, and wipe off all the icky film that may have gotten on your teeth. This will shine them right up and give you good breath as well!The only thing I don't like is the texture of them. They just sort of annoy the teeth and I think if you have sensitive teeth you may not like the feeling much.You get 100 of these per bottle.

Brooke A.
Could be used for traveling or kept at office desk

I would use these in a bind while driving or traveling or after eating somewhere if I am still going to be out and about, but I wouldn’t use them regularly or use them thinking they are going to replace brushing or do as well as a brush will. The flavor is good, and it’s easy to use, but I think taking a napkin to your teeth feels more cleansing than these. But these are probably better for your teeth to use and definitely would leave a lasting minty smell.

Good on the go, doesn’t replace real toothbrush

This is great to have in a pinch. And there are plenty in this pack to keep a stash in the car, in every purse and bag, at work, even in your pocket… and everywhere else you may need to brush your teeth. They’re so thin and small, that they fit anywhere and you won’t even realize they’re there.I’ve had a better pack of portable disposable toothbrushes, but those were also bulkier and not individually wrapped, making them more complicated to carry on the go discreetly and hygienically. These are better in that sense.It felt super weird using this the first time. The thought of putting my finger in my mouth and then dealing with a wet finger without being able to wash it… but surprisingly, my finger didn’t get wet while using this! Fingers stay clean and dry. In the beginning, it feels dry in the mouth, but as you brush, it gets softer.This is not a brush. It won’t get gunk out from between teeth and it won’t give a deep clean. It’s just good to wipe the surface of the teeth and it makes your mouth feel and smell fresh.Also, if you don’t have a garbage where to dispose these of on the go, you can simply slide the used “brush” back into the packaging and place it back in your pocket or purse until you find a garbage.So overall, given the results and the fact that they’re so easy to carry around discreetly, I’d definitely recommend these.

The Clueless Reviewer
Convenient and easy

This is what it is. It’s not a toothbrush replacement at all. It is better than not brushing. Not sure if it’s any more effective than just hard gargling with a good mouthwash or putting toothpaste on your actual finger and trying to brush your teeth. It’s probably equivalent to both those activities.What it is, is basically a way to “clean” your teeth in an easy to store small package. Keep it in your office desk at work or purse or glove compartment. It’s meant to get you out of a jam if you have a crappy mouth. Given a lot of scenarios though, I would probably pick a nice flavored gum to chew until I can actually brush my teeth.

MySmile teeth wipe with 100pcs individually wrapped are designed to effectively remove film buildup on teeth surfaces, thus promoting enamel permeability. Disposable finger wipes offer an ideal solution for on-the-go cleaning, no rinsing required. Sugar-free, Mint flavor leaves teeth and mouth clean with fresh breath. Moreover, these wipes can assist with removing stains from coffee, wine, tea, and tobacco, providing a convenient hygiene solution. Unsatisfied customers are eligible for a quick refund.
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