MySmile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit – 10 Mins Express Result with LED Accelerator Light

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The Most Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit. Whiten Your Teeth in 10 Minutes. Get Up to 8 Shades Whiter. Removes and Protects Your Teeth From Stains.

  • EXPRESS RESULT: kit includes pro led light accelerator that speeds up whitening process. Integrated with 10 min timer.
  • MULTIPLE (9) TREATMENTS: kit includes 3 packs 3mL teeth whitening gel syringes; 18% Carbamide Peroxide; safe for sensitive teeth
  • STAIN ERASER: remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, tea, smoking and more; visible results with just one treatment.
  • SILICONE MOUTH TRAY: soft and comfort; fits any size; one treatment for both top and bottom teeth 
  • REUSABLE: with any MySmile gel refills.
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How to Use?

Step one

Take the batteries out of the LED light to remove the plastic tab and reinsert the batteries. Attach the mouth try to the LED light. 

Attach the silicone mouth tray on the LED light. Open the back of the light and remove the plastic tab in between the batteries.

Step two

Apply 0.5 ml of the MySmile teeth whitening gel to the top of the mouth piece and 0.5 ml of the whitening gel on the bottom of the mouth piece. 

Step Three

Insert the light with the tray into your mouth and turn on. Leave for 10 minutes then rinse your mouth and enjoy your new smile!

10 Mins Express Result


Drinks such as coffee, wine, tea or juice can stain your teeth, leaving them yellow and not attractive.


Our whitening gel safely removes the stains on the surface of your teeth without harming the enamel, leaving your teeth looking white and beautiful in just 10 minutes!

Benefit of Teeth Whitening

Enhances your smile

attractive to eyes

Express Fast Result in 10 Mins

Improve self confidence

Teeth whitening is a simple dental treatment used to whiten the color of natural tooth enamel and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile. with MySmile Whitening Treatment your teeth not only looks good on you, but it also makes you feel good and that is one of the key benefits! Self-confidence is very important in our lives. It controls how we are feeling about ourselves and ultimately guides us in life. If you have a beautiful white smile, your confidence level will be sky high and you will be able to accomplish anything you put your heart into. That is why it is important to keep your oral care healthy and fresh! 

What Did Our Customers Say?

@Youth Stoner

"My Teeth have never been Whiter." I saw results the very first time I used the Gel"


"I did not think this would work on my teeth because of the stains." "Happily I am wrong about that"

@YB Chang

"I tried the toothpaste, and I tried the abrasive powder that made my teeth hurt." " I had ZERO Pain, and NO Sensitivity." "Thanks MySmile"

@Jenna Gomez

"I have used products that only claimed to do what MySmile does." "You can feel and see the difference from the first time you use it." "Oh and the fact that this is cheaper and more effective than my Dentist?" "Even better".

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MySmile Professional Teeth Whitening
No Pain, Zero Sensitivity 8 Shades Whiter Guaranteed.
MySmile Professional Teeth Whitening
No Pain, Zero Sensitivity 8 Shades Whiter Guaranteed.


54 reviews for MySmile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit – 10 Mins Express Result with LED Accelerator Light

  1. Wayne Altman

    WOW… I could not wait to try this out when I ordered it. I had no clue it would work as well as it did though. My teeth are whiter than they have ever been and feel so CLEAN. I was worried that my teeth and gums would be sensitive after using this, I am SHOCKED there is no sensitivity. I am a fan.

  2. Ana Fernandez

    I barely got the kit yesterday, so far I’ve used it twice, once at night and the second time in the morning.. I have to say I’m very impressed!!
    At first I was worried this product would get my teeth stained but so far so good!!! I’ve been able to see the difference and this is why I’m giving it 5 stars.
    I’m trying to be very consistent with it and I’m hoping to show results after a week!!!

  3. davidjferreira


  4. Tony

    I love the product. My smile is brighter and I’m getting compliments every day. I’ll be ordering more soon.

  5. david ferreira

    I am very grateful to My smile teeth whitening kit. Before using it my teeth was so annoying!
    I exposed in every party and date too! But after using My smile teeth whitening kit, my all
    spot has gone! Right now I can smile freely!
    Thanks a lot to “My smile teeth whitening kit”

  6. Anthony Emery

    Just awesome! My teeth stain has gone after using this teeth whitening kit! I am so much grateful to “My smile teeth whitening kit”.
    Thanks a lot for this effective product!!

  7. Trihealth

    Just wow!! I am very grateful to this teeth whitening product! My teeth was so stained that I couldn’t freely laugh. After using this “My teeth smile kit” all stain has gone!!!
    Thanks a lot!!!

  8. david ferreira

    Awesome product! My teeth was annoying. I have exposed in every party and date too!
    But after getting this product my teeth stain has gone! I can smile freely! I am so grateful to this teeth whitening kit!!

  9. Alexander Wiss

    Wonderful kit! My all teeth was so stained. I was so exposed that everybody laughing with my teeth! And my personality was downward for my stained teeth. After that I know about my smile teeth whitening kit via Instagram! I used it and my all stain has out! Thanks a lot for this wonderful, effective product!


    Thanks to My smile teeth whitening kit! I am very grateful to you for this great teeth whitening kit!!!!!!!

  11. Ficarazzi

    Wow! It’s very wonderful and effective teeth whitening kit! Highly recommended for all smokers!!

  12. Jan Krekan

    Nice and effective kit!

  13. Francine Laverty

    Wonderful kit!

  14. SocialSeed.net

    Great kit!!

  15. Francine Laverty

    Great teeth whitening kit!!

  16. Kelly

    What a great stain remover kit !!!!!Thanks

  17. Ruby

    Hey, all guys wanna get a stain-free tooth!! Try this awesome teeth whitening kit!!

  18. Rana

    Very much effective kit!!

  19. Shuley

    Highly recommended!!!

  20. Raisa

    One of the best teeth whitening kit I have ever seen!!

  21. Rubel

    100% working!!Great!!

  22. Wallye

    Great kit!! All stain has out!!

  23. Sanoer Mirja

    Great teeth whitening kit!!! What a LED accelerator!!!

  24. Sufia

    Nice kit! It’s amazing! Just 15 mins and my stained has out!! I was so surprised by this amazing teeth whitening kit. Thanks to Mysmile!!

  25. Billy

    Effective teeth whitening kit!!

  26. Blake

    Wonderful kit! Thanks to my smile teeth whitening kit! It was a magic that removed my stain permanently. Now I can show my beautiful teeth to others! Thanks!!!

  27. Dale

    Awesome teeth whitening kit!!!

  28. Houston

    It’s a magic kit! I am a professional smoker. I have been smoking from many years! My teeth was so stained.
    I just wanted to remove it. But after introducing my smile teeth whitening kit all stained has gone! It’s a magic! Thanks a lot!!!

  29. Josh

    Thanks My Smile teeth whitening kit for this amazing teeth whitening kit!

  30. Gideon

    Great kit!! Thanks to Mysmile!!

  31. Lucky

    Thanks to Mysmile!!!

  32. Ryder

    Great product!!

  33. Rory

    I am so surprised with this teeth whitening kit! I was so exposed with my stained teeth. One day I know about my smile teeth whitening kit via Instagram! After that day I had ordered it and used it. Now I am so happy with my teeth. Thanks

  34. Taj

    Great and very effective teeth whitening kit against teeth stain!
    Thanks to My Smile teeth whitening kit!

  35. Toby

    Thanks a lot!!!

  36. Karim

    Great kit!!Thanks a lot!!

  37. Nila

    Awesome kit and too effective for removing stain forever!!

  38. Raina

    What a teeth whitening kit! Just awesome!! After 15 mins all stain has out!!

  39. Akhi ALom

    Great product!! My all stain has out!!! Thanks

  40. Dipro das

    It was a great experience to use My smile teeth whitening kit!!

  41. Sonia Sultana

    Great teeth whitening kit have ever used!!

  42. Abu sayed

    Just need to use 15 mins and all stain has gone!!

  43. Tony

    Wonder and amazing teeth whitening kit!!

  44. Shuvro

    Great kit!! Thanks a lot!!

  45. Lia Roi


  46. Jared Collins

    Great product! I’ve used it now for a week and saw amazing results, my teeth are the whitest they have ever been!

  47. Tana Gomez

    I have tried so many whitening products that did nothing for my teeth, but I am amazed by how well MySmile worked for me! My teeth got whiter after the first use! I LOVE this teeth whitening kit!

  48. Katie William

    I’m so happy I found this product! My teeth have never been so white. Highly recommend!

  49. Kelsi T.

    Trust me when I say that this is the best teeth whitening kit out there! My teeth were so yellow before I tried this and now i’m not embarrassed of my smile because my teeth are so white now!

  50. Sabrina K.

    I got AMAZING results from this teeth whitening kit! I usually don’t buy things like this, but after my results, MySmile is my go to for teeth whitening!

  51. Hannah Gomez

    Easy to use and my teeth look a tad bit whiter, will update when I finish the kit!

  52. Morgan Simpkins

    Good product and it didn’t give me any sensitivity when I used it.

  53. Ethan Monroe

    I’ve always see these online so I wanted to give it a try and so far I have been seeing results in the color of my teeth. My teeth have always been sensitive so I wasn’t surprised when my teeth hurt a little when I used it, but overall it’s a good product.

  54. Karen Wilson

    Works pretty well but it took a couple days for me to see the results start to kick in.

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