How To Get Rid Of Sensitive Teeth After Whitening?

How to get rid of sensitive teeth after whitening?

How to get rid of sensitive teeth after whitening?

We all love a brighter whiter smile. That is why the teeth whitening kit options are growing all the time. But, if you have had the procedure done and are concerned about the sensitivity of your teeth, you are not alone. The active ingredients in teeth whitening treatments actually go behind your enamel to reach the core of the tooth. This means that it can irritate the tooth for some time. Usually, your teeth are most sensitive the day of or a few days after. This is because your body has become aware there is something that is different and the nerves get all worked up. But, if you give it time this will soon calm down. In the meantime try not to eat or drink anything that is really warm or cold. Warm and cold tend to affect the sensitivity more and can be rather unpleasant.

If you are having sensitivity issues during your whitening treatments then you should take some time off. Teeth whitening gels can be hard on teeth. Allowing your teeth to get used to the treatments without being so sensitive is best. Taking a day or two offers isn’t going to affect the outcome either. Or try shorter times that you are wearing the carbamide peroxide trays. For example, instead of going a full hour all at once, go in 2 30 min. increments. And, you can always ask for a high fluoride-containing product that you can bask your teeth in for a bit before whitening. This helps to remineralize your teeth and can cut down on sensitivity.

Teeth Sensitive toothpaste

Teeth sensitive toothpaste

If you have tried some of the suggestions and your teeth are still pretty sensitive then you might want to take a look at your toothpaste. Yes, there are kinds of toothpaste made for sensitive teeth and you might want to invest in one. Also, ensure that you are brushing with a soft-bristle toothbrush at this time as well. There are toothbrush stiffness levels and a stiff toothbrush could be too abrasive for your teeth. Be sure that you are not brushing too hard or too often as well. Allow the teeth some time to heal and pamper them a bit.

There are studies that show that you can reduce teeth sensitivities with a low-level red laser with an infrared diode after treatment. Of course, this is not something you probably have a home, but the dentist could help you with this suggestion.

Another way that helps is to apply desensitizing gel to the area. This will help calm the nerves that start the sensitivity reaction in the first place. And, use fluoridated mouthwash daily to help rebuild the tooth up, as with the fluoride gel, it will help remineralize it.

You should avoid teeth grinding by using a mouth guard if this is something you commonly do. This can continue to irritate the teeth causing a lot of sensitivity. Also, avoid acidic foods. These foods attack what enamel there is left after you have your teeth whitened and can really accelerate your sensitivity.

Give them some time. The most important part of healing is time. So, allow your teeth to heal. Whitening can be hard on some people’s teeth but with a little time, they will come around.

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