Whiten your teeth and more during quarantine

Whiten Your Teeth (and more!) During Quarantine!

We know you’re bored at home during quarantine. You can’t see your friends, you can’t go out to eat at any of your favorite restaurants, and events you’ve had planned might have been cancelled. WE GET IT. Today we thought it would be fun to share some ideas with you of things you can do during quarantine to better yourself, pass the time, and fight boredom! So maybe you can’t hit the town right now, but that just means you should use this time to get those teeth of yours extra white for when you CAN go out and show off! Use this time wisely! Here is a list of TEN things to do during quarantine!


  1. Whiten your teeth! Duh! You knew we were going to say this one. We recommend using our best selling teeth whitening kit but we also have whitening strips and whitening powder if those are more up your ally! You can whiten your teeth easily in only TEN minutes per day. And guess what? We have an amazing giveaway going on right now! We are giving away TWENTY of our teeth whitening kitsteeth whitening kits and you could easily be a winner! Head over to our Intstagram at @_mysmileteeth to enter!
  2. Read! Read a book you’ve been wanting to finish or order one from Amazon! Hey, if reading isn’t your thing, read a magazine!
  3. Soak! Fill your bathtub with your favorite bath bomb, grab a magazine, light some candles, relax! You deserve it!
  4. Spa Day. Give yourself a DIY facial or sharpen your mani pedi skills! You deserve some pampering!
  5. Foster or adopt a dog in need! A lot of animal shelters have closed and dogs and cats need your help now more than ever! Help an animal in need and add a new addition to your family! It will be a great way to give back and you won’t have a chance to be lonely or bored with a new friend to take care of and keep you company!
  6. Call a friend or family member. Calling a loved one to check in during these difficult times is so important and they will be so thankful!
  7. Host a Zoom date! Have all your family members call in to catch up or do a game night via Zoom with friends! Have a special someone in your life? Set up a Zoom date complete with dinner, candles, and wine!
  8. Binge a new show on Netflix. Now is the time to start a new series and no one will judge you for finishing it in one day!
  9. Work out! I know gyms and studios are closed right now but you can practice meditation or yoga at home, go for a walk outside around your neighborhood, or join an online fitness class to do from your computer! There are still so many options and now is the perfect time to get in shape! Get that summer bod ready!
  10. Take up cooking. Have you always wanted to cook but never had the time? Now is your chance! Look up new recipes online, commit to learning a new recipe once a week, or just have fun experimenting. If anything you make turns out amazing (which we know it will!) deliver them to your loved ones via porch drop offs!

How do you quarantine and chill? What are some things you’ve been doing during self isolation that you would add to our list? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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