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What Type Of Stains Can Be Removed By Home Whitening?

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What Types of Stains Can Be Removed by Home Whitening? We Get Asked all the Time What are The Best Methods to Remove Different Types of Stains. We are going to try and answer that Now. Learn More  Coffee stains your teeth a yellow / brown color that is difficult

Why Are My Teeth Stained and Yellow?

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Why Are My Teeth Stained and Yellow No Matter How Often and Hard I Brush? A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a close friend about the impossible whiteness of a celebrity’s teeth.“There is NO WAY her teeth are that bright without photoshop” she argued… I could

Activated Charcoal

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Did You Know Activated Charcoal Can Damage Your Teeth? In the past two years, there has been a push to use Activated Charcoal Powder in place of toothpaste. This is dangerous for a number of reasons that we will detail for you now. 1. It is crazy abrasive… Activated Charcoal